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Wednesday, June 20

MNZ: JPG Issue 10

I have mentioned I have this stupid obsessive compulsion project where I have a shoebox full of around a thousand pics from magazines all cut to the same size and I do some shit that would be great paranoid schizophrenic homeless man art with them on old 12-pack boxes, except I have a home and am fully cognizant of what I'm doing. Perhaps when alzheimer's kicks in from smoking weed through beercans, I'll be able to get down to the real shit.
But nonetheless, I sometimes buy magazines just because they have a ton of pictures I can cut like a 5x8 piece out of it. JPG is one of those types. It's full of great visuals, so if you're a paranoid schizo who does a lot of bizarre collages about the apocalypse a-coming, or if you're just some dumbass who wheat pastes a lot of goofy shit to your walls, this is the perfect magazine for you. Otherwise, you're gonna be kinda bored with it and feel ripped off.

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