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Wednesday, June 20

MNZ: Lowrider Magazine 30th Anniversary Issue

I have always been a fan of Lowrider magazine, but don't always buy it so much anymore because, as the father of two girls, I don't need the cheesecake vibe laying around the coffee table that Lowrider kicks. Plus, their models got mad siliconized in recent years, so aren't as attractive to me, as ooh baby I like it raw.
This issue though is perhaps the greatest thing I have bought this entire calendar year thus far. It's basically nothing more than reflection with snippets from the entire 30 years of Lowrider, with the best cars ever, crazy old shit, old models, everything. It's really awesome, specifically the 50 Top Vehicles section. You can probably steal this from any grocery store in America right now, which is kinda cool to think that even some doomed schmuck of a kid in Shitsville, Ohio, can look at candy paint and suicide doors opening up to suede-covered swivel seats right now. Ahh... the (Mexican-)American Dream.

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