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Wednesday, March 12

12-Pack Reviews: Attempting to Explain Away My Stupidity

So when I was just doing a zine and had no netz to enter, it was back in them days where people still mailed each other bullshit packages full of oddball things. Somewhere during doing my zine, I realized I could sit there, drink beer, and watch wrestling and comment in print form about it while doing so. It had it's moments, definite tangential moments of retarded insight, but it was also going off the foundation of the stupid professional wrestling. When I got a website, I did a ton of these, and even more when I started contributing to the Death Valley Driver Video Review. And I gave up on it, first because I grew crazy tired of wrestling, not so much because it was stupid, because it's always been stupid, but I used to dig the weird sociological nonsense about it. But once the internet went nuts and there was such a thing as an "internet wrestling community", everything got so over-analyzed and microscopically dissected by shut-ins who think they understand fake fighting because they read a bunch of words about fake fighting. Then the fake fighting started to mirror those types of opinions rather than just being weird drug-addled freaks fake fighting in manners to make children scream and old hillbillies want to kill them in the parking lot. I also stopped drinking so much in the past year, which makes these things seem extra retarded to me now, because I actually drank all the beer I claimed I did. It always struck me as odd someone would question that, as if I thought by pretending to drink beer to faceless nerds would make me cooler or increase my own self-esteem... the fact of the matter is alcoholism and a fascination with pro wrestling enabled each other in my life. If either had been cleared from my mind at any point, it probably would've been easier to realize how fucking stupid the other one was.
Anyways, I've got a bunch of these, so I'm gonna start putting them up, one a day at the most, and to be honest, unless you have anything less than even a casual interest in professional wrestling, there's really no need to dig into them, because there's great rants inside, but it'd be like digging for a piece of shrimp in a pile of shit.


Anonymous said...

Hey Raven,

A while back on Expert Whiteboys, you were posting pdf files of the Confederate Mack zine. Are you going to be doing that again? Im still looking for issues 47, 48 and anything after number 50...

Raven Mack said...

Yeah, actually after my last computer died I had no photoshop to format the scans right, but I've got a new computer now. I was planning on some unforeseen point doing them all 1 through 55, once a week, starting with #55 going backwards. I don't know when that'll be, but at some point I'll start doing that shit.

Hope all is going well up in PA.

Raven Mack said...
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