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Thursday, March 6

MNZ: Oxford American Spring 2006 issue 53

Found this in the free bin outside the library and automatically grabbed that bizzlenitch. The Oxford American is filled with retarded pretentiousness, which all at once completely pisses me off and also gives me great hope to one day be paid to wax long-windedly about the idiotic things I have filled my sharp drunkard brain with. This is one of their Best of the South issues, which are always goofy as fuck. But there is an article on that Billy Mitchell dude from the King of Kong documentary that’s out now that you should probably see. He’s the mullet guy who is adamant about keeping his Donkey Kong record. The movie is a great movie, even with your expectations about “Haha, these nerds,” since it’s about grown dudes playing Donkey Kong. And the article in this magazine about him, and him being the first person to ever play a perfect game of Pac-Man, is just as great. In fact, it made me wish the documentary had explored Billy Mitchell more instead of just leaving him as this weird, self-important freak stuck in the ‘80s. He is obviously a mastermind that somehow got warped, except in the process of the warping, his mind stayed sharp, just he uses it for queer instead of good. Although I don’t think he’s queer at all, and he would probably condescend at me if he heard me say it.
Had I money to waste, Oxford American would be like in top five magazines to subscribe to, although I am 95% certain I would regret that decisions two issues in.

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