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Tuesday, July 31

MNZ: Wrestling Observer Newsletter July 5, July 10, July 19, July 23, and July 30, 2007

I got back into the dork matrix to get bootleg copies of this shit (thanks David Bixenspan!), and we’ll just call this set of wrestle dork newsletters the Chris Benoit brouhaha, because it’s mostly about dude flipping out and fucking up his fam, and then the dorks-who-love wrestling fall-out. The thing, to be honest, I don’t think one person in real world life has even mentioned this Chris Benoit thing at all, except to be like, “Yo, that dude was fucked up.” Wrestling dorks thinking it will somehow cause some giant reaction to wrestling being full of twisted drug addicts and sexual perverts is really just them trying to feel better about wasting all their waking time on grown me pretending to fight each other. Nobody really cares. The Congress just asked for some drug record shit, but that’s just stupid shit that’ll blow over. Nobody’s gonna study concussed brains or steroids use or any dumb science shit like that due to wrestling, mostly because it’s still wrestling. It’s for retards and children and rural dimwits (like myself), not to be analyzed and studied as some sort of unappreciated art.
I think what drove this all home for me was when this wrestler dude John Kronus died, who I loved because he did stupid shit and would bleed a whole lot, well he died from in all likelihood a drug overdose. And it came to light that he was a mental half-wit, who couldn’t even sign contracts and shit like that on his own, so his original tag team partner did it for him, then bolted on dude because he got sick of his simpleton ways. The professional wrestling gave this mental half-wit John Kronus a steady job for a while where he got to travel, got free drugs, and would be able to publicly do the retarded shit he wanted to do, for a cheering audience. You can’t clean up a shady industry that rolls like that. And why would you want to? Fuck having drug-free long-full-life homos on my TV screen pretending to fight each other. Pro wrestling is only awesome when it is completely retarded and has crazy fuckers acting evil so that drunk fuckers who act good can fight them inside of contraptions and everybody bleeds and we all yell at the shit we’re watching and it’s all good. Drug-free wrestling would probably be as exciting as strike-era scab football. I mean, if they do anything to the wrestlers, I would say it be required of them to use recreational drugs on top of the steroids because dudes who only use steroids alone, to look muscular, those dudes are fucking weird and could probably use some weed or hydrocodone or psilocybin or something to open them up to not being such a homo for themselves.

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