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Saturday, March 22

S14: NCAA Tournament's Top Returning Scorers - 2nd Round Saturday

Thank goodness the second day of the tournament actually gave us some madness. Here are the top scorers from the previous 3 tournaments, plus this year's thus far, playing today...
#1: Darren Collison (UCLA guard, 97 previous NCAA tournament points) - Collison cruised as the penultimate point guard in the first round game, and didn't have to play much, giving the bench garbage minutes early as fuck, since Mississippi Valley State only scored 29 points.
#2: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (UCLA guard/forward, 90 previous points) - Still number two even though he didn't play on Thursday.
#3: Brandon Rush (Kansas guard, 85 previous points) - Rush lit it up on Thursday, and Kansas looks to be a tough out for anyone this year, which sucks, because like I said, I hate Kansas aka Midwestern Duke.
#4: Drew Neitzel (Michigan State guard, 82 previous points) - Stupid Drew Neitzel got in early foul trouble and had to play a pussyfied safe game, and only got five points on Thursday.
#5: Josh Shipp (UCLA guard/forward, 79 previous points) - Didn't have that great a game on Thursday, but it didn't matter as they steamrolled in your average #1 vs. #16 first round blowout.
#6: Mario Chalmers (Kansas guard, 77 previous points) - Chalmers, like Rush, lit it up against Portland State. They have a deep team, but also a tradition of fucking it up along the way in the NCAA tournament.
#7: Levance Fields (Pittsburgh guard, 74 previous points) - Fields was ridiculous against lowly Oral Roberts in the first round, and it looks like Pitt's success is going to be riding on his shoulders in this tournament.
#8: Ronald Ramon (Pittsburgh guard, 72 previous points) - Maintained a solid complementary role player position to Levance Fields' first fiddle.
#9: Sam Young (Pittsburgh forward, 69 previous points) - See above.
#10: Russell Robinson (Kansas guard, 68 previous points) - Does more delegating than scoring, and only got five points in their first round blowout. Still, there's a lot of Kansas on this list today.
#11: Joseph Jones (Texas A&M forward/center, 68 previous points) - Wasn't the top scorer in the first round game, but was a fucking rebound monster.
#12: Dominique Kirk (Texas A&M guard, 60 previous points) - Kind of a quiet first round game for him, but didn't need to make much noise because of #14 below.
#13: Greg Paulus (Duke guard, 56 previous points) - Paulus was brick-happy from the floor on Thursday, and it's a fucking shame Belmont didn't beat them. That game was a joy to watch because you can see that Coach K may have let the game of basketball, more infused with a street flavor than ever, pass him by. Dean Smith never did that shit. Coach Shitfuckski seems too intent on bringing in his type of guy, which is becoming a smaller and smaller crop every year. He still gets top recruiting classes every year, but man, Duke's underachieved for at least half a decade straight now.
#14: Josh Carter (Texas A&M guard/forward, 55 previous points) - One of Thursday's most uncontainable performers, hitting 60% from behind the 3-point line, and running up 26 points on his own. He pretty much killed BYU himself.

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