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Tuesday, April 8

MNZ: Fader Issue 53 April 2008

I am sad my Fader subscription ran out, and I actually had to buy this one at the newsstand, which is an archaic word that means the really large Barnes & Nobles with the Starbucks and escalators and tons of bitches that work there who are hot in a slutty Tina Fey type way. Fader is full of great pictures to wrap mix CDs that you make for your friends as presents. One of the cover artists for this issue is Lil Boosie, who has been a guilty pleasure of mine for the past year, ever since I first heard "Zoom". That "Independent" song is great - an ode to women who have steady jobs and ain't gold-digging. Those women are hot as fuck, working at the bank, looking all sexy with their lip gloss, counting my stacks of freshly cashed money out in my hand with a sly smirk that says, "Yeah whiteboy, you lucky we ain't in the jacuzzi room at the Days Inn, because I'd fuck you up." The great thing about Fader is how stupid the writing is, like pretentious yearbook editors all-stars from the affluent private schools of New York City and London wrote a computer program to write their content. Boosie's voice being like "pepper spray" was my favorite. So now I'm conflicted, because I can't in good conscience like Lil Boosie as much now that eurofag music hipsters like him. Oh shit... maybe I was a eurofag music hipster all along and didn't even realize it. Fuck. I've been looking in the mirror, preparing for the enemy when the enemy was staring right back at me from the looking glass all along. Well, at least I'm not lost enough to think Daft Punk is great. Or Kanye. Or Lil Wayne. Come to think of it, all the stupid shit they hype up in Fader is shit I've already playa hated upon. I'm just behind my own hater curve on this Boosie thing.

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