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Wednesday, April 9

MNZ: Vice Magazine Volume 15 Number 3

Vice Magazine is so fucking horrible, and I've always said the only saving grace is Chris Nieratko, who's a personal hero for actually, you know, making money writing retarded bullshit. It gives me hope to one day not have to climb ladders with no insurance and slap liquid polymers on rich folks' home wood. Except this issue, even Chris Nieratko was fucking stupid, which made me wonder if he was really as awesome as I thought he was or is Vice just so terribly written by 17-year-olds trapped in internet message boards but pulling a glossy magazine out from that somehow I overestimated Nieratko's talents. I mean, he's all proud to be from New Jersey. Why would you be proud to be from New Jersey? That's like being proud to be gay or from the south or some stupid shit.


kami said...

they do a hybrid Vice mag here now with local reviews and shit tacked in the back pages and some local (ie melbourne or sydney photo shoots and lamo bands)but i gave up on it a coupla years back when i jsut got sick of that self righteous aint we the muthafuckers who point and laugh at all the other geeks but we've never actually left the house in years vibe that it started giving off. or maybe that was jsut me.

Raven Mack said...

I was gonna respond "no doubt, that's what I think," but I'm afraid you're the only who responds to my stupid blog so it might be weird.