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Friday, August 29

S14: Most Athletic Countries in Olympics summer 2008

Very simply, I added up medals, weighting gold more than silver more than bronze (3 pts per gold, 2 pts per silver, 1 per bronze) and divided that shit into the population of the countries to find their per capita medaldom, and to dispel all this U.S. vs. China bullshit. Here are the top 14 most athletic countries by Olympic medals per capita dork formula...
#1: Jamaica - 1 medal point per 104,385 citizens, anchored by Usain Bolt's big freaky ass.
#2: the Bahamas - 1 medal point per 110,333 citizens, probably in running, knowing them broke black motherfuckers.
#3: Iceland - 1 medal point per 159,678 citizens, in what I have no guess.
#4: Slovenia - 1 medal point per 225,444 citizens.
#5: Norway - 1 medal point per 227,571 citizens, leaders in summer water sports as well as black metal freaks.
#6: Australia - 1 medal point per 240,385 citizens.
#7: Bahrain - 1 medal point per 253,389 citizens.
#8: Mongolia - 1 medal point per 262,900 citizens, most likely in the grapple arts i would assume.
#9: New Zealand - 1 medal point per 267,194 citizens, second fiddle to Australia again.
#10: Estonia - 1 medal point per 268,120 citizens.
#11: Cuba - 1 medal point per 288,923 citizens, proving yet again that even though Castro communism is not as flashy as American capitalism, on the small scale, when you crunch the numbers, it is far superior.
#12: Belarus - 1 medal point per 302,813 citizens.
#13: Trinidad & Tobago - 1 medal point per 333,250 citizens, stupid Trinidadians and Tobagons, who you never hear about like motherfuckers from Trinidad.
#14: Georgia - 1 medal point per 366,250 citizens, but getting their ass kicked by Russia IRL.

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