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Saturday, September 23

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 12: CHIYOSHOMA (5-7)

(the knockout)

Chiyoshoma and 
Nishikigi fell at same 
time in sumo bout 

looked pretty obvious that 
Chiyoshoma had won though 

but ref pointed the 
other way, causing side judge 
consultation thing 

strangely though, Chiyoshoma 
was not declared the winner 

instead, do-over 
was done, to break the untied tie 
(sumo is sketchy) 

Chiyoshoma wasted no 
second chance at victory 

Nishikigi got 
knocked the fuck out split second - 
long enough to fall 

[slow motion repeats of both 
men falling are transcendent] 

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