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Friday, September 15

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 4: TAMAWASHI (2-2)

(slow-monoii replay of the finish)

internet dorks make 
big deal of “bizarre basho”, 
but hey, that is sport 

but organized sport is just 
bizarre human spectacle 

as much performance 
as competition - nowhere 
truer than sumo 

so what three yokozuna 
are out, plus an ozeki 

where’s stubborn gaiman, 
that cherished Japanese trait 
of persevering? 

of ignoring injury 
and continuing to fight 

my friend, I tell you, 
look no further than blowed out 
foot Tamawashi 

two days ago, he battled 
(and injured) Takayasu 

Tamawashi’s right 
ankle twisted in awful 
godforsaken which ways 

Takayasu got 
carted into gone fusen; 
not Tamawashi 

yesterday, he could 
barely walk, but still came out, 
walking gingerly 

Onosho was merciless, 
as one would expect with this 

day four, again comes 
Tamawashi, refusing 
to accept his pain 

facing Mitakeumi, 
the young sumo sensation 

eight previous times, 
Tamawashi never beat 

on one solid ankle though, 
he launches full-blast day four 

Mitakeumi slides back, 
hits the edge, twists opponent 

makes desperate effort to 
flip Tamawashi 

it works - both men going down 
in heap of fat but thick flesh 

gyoji (the ref) 
points his official fan at 

but there is question, so the 
ringside judges all confer 

upon review, right foot 
of Mitakeumi 
stomps out before fall 

one-ankled Tamawashi 
has stubbornly persisted 

two wins two losses 
after four days - not front page 
sports section headline 

but his fighting spirit’s strong - 
nothing bizarre in sumo 

let the injured quit - 
justified or not; stubborn 
warriors will fight on 

perhaps humans will soon face 
cataclysmic world events 

who will be the few 
who survive? those who possess 
the most stubborn will 

there’s nothing to save up for - 
death could arrive any day 

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