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Sunday, September 17

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 5: HARUMAFUJI (2-3)

(another "damn" moment for Harumafuji)

Aki basho day 
five full of eventful bouts, 
none more so than main 

five maegashira came 
in day five undefeated 

one-by-one, they fell; 
Kotoshogiku had been 
early basho star 

having beaten multiple 
high-ranked rikishi up top 

but wily Shodai 
survived Kotoshogiku’s 
first battering ram 

Kotoshogiku took first 
loss, levelling leaderboard 

crowd energy for 
this bout alone was six 
and three-quarter stars 

no cushions thrown, but the thought 
floated in the air - mind smoke 

Chiyotairyu - 
also undefeated - took 
his first loss as well 

opponent Goeido’s 
pre-bout psychology strong 

Goeido got 
Chiyotairyu out his 
own head - a wonder 

once bout finally started, 
Chiyotairyu charged strong 

Goeido took the 
energy backwards until 
hitting the ring’s edge 

turning, he nudged the charging 
energy into the sand 

but the main event, 
lone yokozuna, old mean 

opposite was Onosho 
a young gun coming up fast 

Onosho so young 
he’d never yet earned kinboshi 
(yokozuna win) 

but Onosho’s not afraid, 
holding self as belonging 

seemed off-balance quickly, still 
chasing Onosho 

Onosho tossed his elder - 
rare yokozuna flippage 

with all those absent, 
we’ve wondered “who will seize this 

perhaps Aki basho shall 
be Onosho’s first glory 

as for upper end 
of banzuke scroll, this has 
been real tough basho 

Harumafuji should be 
representing top sumo 

yokozuna and 
ozeki injured galore, 
banzuke scroll wrecked 

and yet Harumafuji 
looks out of place, un-hungry 

(the full bout below should you care)

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