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Wednesday, January 17

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 4: KISENOSATO (1-3)

[Kisenosato hears the failure demons] 

what a difference 
a single calendar year 
makes for a man’s life 

Kisenosato’s gone from 
yokozuna to hated 

at Aki basho 
nearly seven years ago, 
he was shukun-sho 

the outstanding performer, 
and rising young superstar 

at Natsu basho 
almost five years back, the young 
lord finished second 

this led to domineering 
run as east ozeki 

at next twenty-two 
basho, he was runner-up 
in half of all them 

a year ago, dominant 
Kisenosato stood tall 

last Hatsu basho, 
Kisenosato sealed his 
destiny with win 

the adoring crowd through seat 
cushions in adoration 

next was official 
promotion ceremonies - 
new yokozuna 

at Haru basho, he won 
again, as yokozuna 

seemed on top of sumo world, 
face of the future 

but destiny can be cruel, 
and fuck your shit up right quick 

the next two basho, 
he toughed it out, not looking 
entirely healthy 

last basho in Tokyo, last 
September, he was absent 

a yokozuna 
sitting out for injury’s 
allowed, but not loved 

last basho, he came back weak, 
finished with losing record 

on this fourth day bout, 
against Kotoshogiku, 
he briefly had shine 

but his fire’s no longer strong, 
he was outlasted, tossed down 

for split second, he 
upon one knee, looked down at 
the sand, bewildered 

the pomp and circumstances 
no longer so wonderful 

the crowd gasped in shock 
at his third loss in four days… 
no dominance left 

voices whisper retirement, 
past his prime at thirty-one 

a yokozuna 
can’t give up kinboshi gold 
star day after day 

a yokozuna can’t be 
a loser regularly 

after the scandal 
which caused Harumafuji’s 
retirement, eyes watch 

first time in forever the 
emperor won’t attend bouts 

Japanese people 
hoping for a bonus for 
Japanese culture 

the only yokozuna 
truly Japanese can’t lose 

sad eyes tell a larger tale, 
one of dreams gone dark 

this humane world eats us all 
up, one by one, day by day

[the full match, should you care to care]

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