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Thursday, January 25

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 12: YOSHIKAZE (4-8)

as Hatsu Basho 
thrusts into third final weekend, 
there’s so much drama 

the sole yokozuna left 
Kakuryu took second loss 

Tochinoshin the 
Georgian ox survived again, 
another tough bout 

Tamawashi palm choke pushed, 
then slapped the fuck out of him 

Tochinoshin though 
persevered, and again brute 
strengthed at dohyo’s edge 

now the Georgian sits alone 
atop standings, three days left 

but for purposes 
of this project, the highlight 
of today was clear 

Ichinojo has become 
a wild sumo godzilla 

across the way was 
Yoshikaze, clutching at 
top maegashira 

a loss meant makekoshi, 
simple math of fifteen bouts 

more wins than losses 
means one moves up higher on 
the banzuke scroll 

but more losses than wins goes 
the opposite direction 

Yoshikaze came 
in at seven losses - the 
math very simple 

staring at Ichinojo, 
contemplating their futures 

four days left - four wins 
would secure stability 
for Yoshikaze 

but Ichinojo’s become 
a monster of sorts lately 

Yoshikaze’s fists 
touch clay, he waits, and then his 
opponent follows 

both men come out of thick squat, 
whole worlds trained to thrust forward 

Yoshikaze meets 
man mountain Ichinojo - 
thick palm thrusting throat 

Yoshikaze leans backwards, 
held in moment like puppet 

Ichinojo heaves 
cellular energies 
forward with more thrust 

Yoshikaze’s toppled like 
temple rotten with termites 

flattened against earth 
clay as ceremonial 
sumo battlefield 

Yoshikaze looked up as 
makekoshi truths pushed down 

another basho 
in two months with another 
fresh banzuke scroll 

Yoshikaze’s name will be 
lower, perhaps smaller too 

[the full match, with ceremony]

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