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Friday, June 29


cash only bizness models -
perfect for embezzlement,
and tax loss embellishment


Anonymous said...

I worked at a bank and once this really grimy guy brought in a greasy cardboard box to my teller station, with $27,000 in cash inside. I had to ask- he worked a travelling fair and somehow had a business account that I didn't have to file an over $10,000 CTR (cash transaction report) on. Wow, maybe I should go into robbing carnivals because I only made about $13,000 over 3 years at a supposedly good job. Although, I'd never want to harm the carny folk, for my own safety.

Raven Mack said...

lol this is an awesome tale, wish I had a greasy box with $27K in it rn. I'd take a clean box with $2700 in it.