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Sunday, June 3

SONG OF THE DAY: It Hurts Me Too

Memorial Day to Labor Day is unofficial summertime markers on the calendar, and Sundays in summertime is made for down tempo life living – kitchen full of turkey sausage smells, fried egg sandwiches. I stopped to get doogh walking home from work the other day, and looked to see if they had any goat, but they didn’t because it was a Tuesday not a Friday (goat is on Friday), but I did get a pack of halal beef salami because it’s basically halal bologna, and this allowed me to make sick ass fried egg and fried bologna (halal beef salami) sandwiches – a staple of good Raven memories.
Anyways Sundays in summertime is made for down temp food sciences, fried egg sandwiches with halal beef salami and you gotta use the spatula to cut those lines so it doesn’t bubble up too hard in the middle, but I ate the last of the halal beef salami last night, plus ate the last of the watermelon too, but we still filled the air with turkey sausage and fried egg and old soul sounds, which also is made for Sundays in summertime, and right up the hill is a Pentecostal church, for non-whites, and they were going hard the other night, and I bet they’re going hard at it again this morning, but I ain’t a church type like that… my church is open windows and food cooking and writing poetry notes in dollar store composition books or on neon index cards to organize later, and fuck man Elmore James was perfect soundtrack to this, one flash moment of flash life of flash human existence in full cosmic experience or second side of egg cooking on one side of pan, laying the cheese on top, bread bed already mayoed out ever so slightly, hot pink and lime green notecards outlining phrase memories, ol’ Elmore sangin’ it WHEN THINGS GO WRONG, GO WRONG WITH YOUUUUUUU, IT HURTIN’ ME TOOOOOOOO.

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