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Monday, June 18

World Cup Tanka: GERMANY vs. MEXICO (Match 10)

Germany are your 
defending champions - an 
annoying machine 

world conquest combined with most 
efficient psychology 

consider El Tri 
to be the true People's Team 
of America 

in football loyalty terms, 
Dirtgod has emigrated 

borders are only 
arbitrary lines upon 
paper anyways 

nice paced first 30 minutes, 
Mexico playing their game 

German defense looked 
shaky, many times green shirts 
flying on attack 

finally a breakaway 
GOOOLLLLLLLLL - and the crowd fucking erupts 

as second half wore 
on, Mexico retreated, 
subbing scoring threats 

you don't defeat a machine 
with a single monkeywrench 

twenty minutes left... 
two hours when you're invested 

many Mexican counters 
squandered potential daggers 

stopping time torture! 
whistling at television! 
Ochoa vacuums 

Mexico's manager made 
whole world fans when whistle blew 

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