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Tuesday, June 19

World Cup Tanka: RUSSIA vs. EGYPT (Match 17)

Russia shockingly 
had biggest win of first time 
through group stage match-ups 

geopolitics favor 
denying metaphysics 

Mo Salah's return 
invigorates Egyptian 
dreams of knockout stage 

Salah such a special dude, 
got me saying "inshallah" 

in Salah I trust, 
hoping for energetic 
post-Ramadan strength 

Salah is cat-like, toying 
with these Russian defenders 

Russia’s organized; 
African football means kick 
it ahead - attack 

Egypt’s ball movement seem like 
button combos you don’t know 

a falling Fathi 
own goal gifts Russia the lead; 
Egypt finds their heels 

on your heels no way to play, 
and Russia scores a second 

Dzyuba adds a third, 
with a militaristic 
salute afterwards 

a fitting celebration 
of Eurocentric tactics 

the jihad’s been lost - 
organized mechanistic 
football beats spirit 

will we ever have ourselves 
another Maradona? 

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