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Saturday, June 23

World Cup Tanka: SOUTH KOREA vs. MEXICO (Match 28)

South Korea's first 
match rather unimpressive, 
should've lost by more 

likely their last chance today 
at winning a World Cup match 

the People's Team of 
America's first match since 
defeating Germans 

biggest win national team 
history - Vamos El Tri! 

Koreans keep pace 
until handball in the box - 
Vela penalty 

crowd energy exploded - 
human nuclear fission 

Mexico lacks the 
intensity of first match - 
adrenal fatigue 

far better than Korea, 
but still only one goal up 

until Lozano 
leads a three-on-one breakout - 
Chicharito gooolllllllll!

whole bottom of stadium 
waving red, white, and green flags 

the People's Team of 
America controlling, 
holding two goal lead 

the Koreans start to get 
chippy, yellow cards flying 

North American 
continent represented 
well, if only once 

fuck Trump, fuck ICE, fuck Europe, 
fuck Putin - Vamos El Tri! 

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