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Monday, June 18

World Cup Tanka: SWEDEN vs. SOUTH KOREA (Match 12)

Monday morning in 
America, return to 
work life drudgery 

soccer so secondary 
here, like all things which are shared 

the dude who sits a 
few cubicles over from 
me is Korean 

put the game on background of 
my desktop; he was absent 

zoned in and out, but 
did catch the part where they did 
penalty review 

I get getting it right, but this 
grinds game to horrible halt 

why do men believe 
they can achieve perfection? 
in sport? in science? 

accept our human error, 
get on with enjoying life 

anyways, Granqvist 
converted the penalty, 
saw my boy Ki play 

trying to recharge myself 
before today's later games 

how much soccer can 
American man watch while 
pretending to work? 

doing my part to make this 
part of our culture as well 

I'm one-fourth Swedish, 
but American mongrel's 
my identity 

that means I hope both these teams 
get murdered by Mexico 

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