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Sunday, July 20

MNZ: Blender July 2008

This was in the Scottsville library free bin, and I guess it’s supposed to be a credible musical review magazine so that people who steal music from inside the internets know what’s worth using their bandwidth on. This is a really stupid magazine though - reads stupid, written stupid, stupid pictures - but I guess we live in stupid times. Back page interview was Perez Hilton who, as if I needed another reason to think he was completely useless, goes off on some tangent about how he hates people that glamorize drugs. Just in case there are any young, impressionable teens or tweeners or whatever reading this, if doing drugs makes you less like Perez Hilton, I’m sure your folks have some weed or pills you can pilfer. But if not, just buy cough syrup at the grocery store. In fact, steal it so you don’t hit that four a week limit they put on you. People like Perez Hilton in our modern open-minded society unfortunately feel like, beyond not being fucked with, they have a right to be respected. Now I understand I can’t throw beer bottles at a stupid fuck like him when I pass by on the street - that’s not right and I know it. But I don’t have to respect someone who is obviously, visually intellectually the whole deal, a fucking fool. And when they get to mouthing off about their dumb shit, then I have the right to throw beer bottles at them.

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