RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition. He does have an amazing PATREON, but also *normal* ARTIST WEBSITE too.

Tuesday, March 31

4LL TH3S3 HVM4N3 3ND34V0RS...

all these humane endeavors
feel pointlessly attached to
illusions of accrued wealth

Monday, March 30

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Saturday, March 28

S1MPL3 R00T M3D1C1N3S VS3D...

simple root medicines used
to be the tinctures that cured;
we chopped down all the forests

Friday, March 27

SONG OF THE DAY: Don't Send For The Others

Perhaps America is cancelling itself, as the weight of actual humanitarian needs crush the weak safety nets put in place as performative "freedom" fibers, brightly spray-painted red, white, and blue, but torn and frayed for decades and held together by dollar store duct tape. But also, not really America, so much as the United States, which is a completely different entity entirely. The American continent(s) have existed long before any United States, and likely will exist long after as well, hopefully with people still walking around upon the topside (or at least living in tunnels underneath). There's a shitload of work to be done, you just might not get paid for it, at least not with money. But once we're actually building real shit that ain't just talking shit and referring to brochures from the 1950s, doing work that builds support for every body, that hopefully will be more fulfilling. Because even blessed as a dude who can work from home right now, pretending my job needs to go on, there's a real heart disconnect from what I am bound to call "work". We got shit all backwards.


human minds allegedly
advanced, yet always pecking
around at outlandish schemes

Thursday, March 26

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Friday, March 20

4LW4YS S33M T0 B3 RVSH1NG...

always seem to be rushing
between places, none of which
give me much satisfaction

Thursday, March 19

Wednesday, March 18

Tuesday, March 17

1'V3 4LW4YS B33N 4 T0T4L...

I've always been a total
wreck, bashing through median
strips, guardrails, and pine thickets

Monday, March 16

RVR4L TR4SH 41N'T 3V3R B33N...

rural trash ain't ever been
all that stylish, but somehow
y'all've gentrified skillets

Sunday, March 15

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Wednesday, March 11

SONG OF THE DAY: Black Bodies & Bullet Wounds

A day full of mind worries, all the while knowing my mind worries are less than other folks’. I hope you don’t have any fresh wounds, and whatever scars you have are healing. I hope no infection is still inside. I hope you are safe, and if so, I hope you are well. Rather than feel hopeless, I’m sowing hopes like these. It bears slowly exponential fruit, in that it’s hardly there, but as we keep sowing this shit, it starts to grow in that way, and all of a sudden despite how all fucked everything might be, we’re overflowing with an ability to be like “fuck it, just gonna do this shit anyways”.

M41NT41N1NG 4PP34R4NC3S...

maintaining appearances
while realizing our culture
is nothing but sand castles

Tuesday, March 10

Monday, March 9

SONG OF THE DAY: Calling Planet Earth

Maybe when people started believing in a flat earth again it was because the earth had been left out to long and all our tingly spirit like carbonation had been released so we were all just stumbling along, not correcting fucked up shit because there’s no real point to doing so as it’s just going to get done wrong right away at the next stop down the path, so fuck it. We just sit here, waiting for the inevitable, on an earth flattening of spirit, and some people can’t distinguish between metaphysical and real and they just assumed the earth was flat and made a bunch of youtube videos and shit. Anything being proven on youtube or a reddit thread is not being proven at all. And I say that with the simultaneous acknowledgement that our scientific community is full of shit and built on a foundation of false premises as well. All of this points to a flat earth. We need more motherfuckers like Sun Ra to pump some round to it again, all over the earth, in every corner, which of course is a poor metaphor BECAUSE THE EARTH DOESN’T ACTUALLY HAVE ANY CORNERS.


reflecting back on better
days - our romanticizing
erasing the negatives

Sunday, March 8

H1ST0R13S H1DD3N 1NS1D3...

histories hidden inside
our hands' cracks, callouses, scars,
and natural crevices

Saturday, March 7

1'M FR0M V1RG1N14, WH3R3...

"I'm from Virginia, where
ain't shit to do but cook" - rap
along rushing, late for work

Friday, March 6


working class identities
manufactured for the clout;
folks working inside of clouds

Thursday, March 5

SONG OF THE DAY: Iceland Moss

I’m not really sure what to tell you. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and I’m not even talking about the shit on the news. Most of that doesn’t even feel relevant to real life. I hope you’re holding your shit together as best as possible.


dust-covered religious texts
left behind as we indulge
in digital opioids

Wednesday, March 4


burnouts on back roads leave black
marks most the world will never
see; don't mean that shit ain't real

Tuesday, March 3

S31Z3 0PP0RTVN1T13S T0...

seize opportunities to
make your brightest marks on this
world, which would leave you waiting

Monday, March 2

SONG OF THE DAY: Trucker's Are The Blood

Folk punk is corny as fuck. Truckers are horrible deviants. The truest jihad happens in your own human heart. My kid asked me about whether souls were real last night, because of The Simpsons episode where Bart sold his soul. I wasn’t sure how to answer, because we all had older model iPhones laying around, and I didn’t want the state to seize custody of my children. I love them too much for that. Obviously I believe we have a soul, but I also know you can’t say obvious shit anymore. You’re supposed to be obtuse, and faux clever, and do everything with a Kate McKinnon smirk smile, and head west towards the destiny that was manufactured for you, as the empire plunges over the edge of our flattened Earth. I practice in my mind at landing on edges while falling through space, so when it all falls apart, goes over the edge, I’ve at least practiced finding a crevice to catch onto, and try to survive a few extra months or years or whatever. I used to do that with a tire flying off my shitty truck, and then one day riding the interstate to be part of a class in the Richmond City Jail, my whole driver’s side front wheel flew off, on I-64, right by the Glenside Drive exit. So prepare for the worst, and don’t be cute about it. The worst is never as cute as you think it might be.

P13C1NG 1T T0G3TH3R WH1L3...

piecing it together while
trying to remember to
say salaam five times a day

Sunday, March 1