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Wednesday, May 31

Monday, May 29

patreon con mack retro active backwards release

I have A PATREON which means you can just give me money for doing ridiculous internet shit, in real life. The two main things that are sort of attached to patronage of me is this supports the Trump/Smoky Mountain Wrestling project (finishing up month 3 and 4, slowly, begrudgingly, because politics sucks) and a Dirtgod Podcast (mostly just sat around recording frogs so it might just be frogs to be honest, which would be a pretty great podcast actually), but because people ask so often, and in fact I received a request just today about this, I've decided to start releasing back issues of my famous (and perhaps infamous) The Confederate Mack zine, working backwards, to patrons only. Issue 53 dropped tonight.

(issue 53 cover)
Cover was a picture a dude named Tommy sent me of Farmville back in the day. Contrary to the picture, this back in the day was likely the '90s, as the dude that owned the Farmville Herald drove an old ass car like that. I at one point painted the building just to right of camera shot. I also used to get drunk and high as fuck at an arcade at young tender age a block away from here. I am avoiding looking into contents of the zines too deeply because I tend to hate anything that I did longer than 7 minutes ago. It keeps me moving forward. Give to my patreon. The first podcast will be, lolol, "done" this week hopefully.

Previously dropped issue 55 in there. Not sure what happened to issue 54, or if one even existed.

(issue 55 cover)
As you can see, I was on some scribble shit in classic zine form at this point, though I didn't scribble all the Japanese characters. That was some outsider artist guy who worked in a Japanese kitchen I saw in Raw Vision magazine at the time. I am not entirely sure Issue 55 was ever even printed. I also know that I have no idea where an issue 54 might be. This is sort of the nature of my work, which I unfortunately don't get to work at like I used to, because normal people work eats up a lot of the day and energy and well fuck, you can give to the patreon or not, it is up to you.
Peace - Raven

C4M3R4 0N-H4ND 4LL T1M3S...

camera on-hand all times
more out of meditative
practice to remain peaceful

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Final Day: KOTOYUKI (6-9)

final day Natsu 
Basho, most things decided - 
Hakuho shall win 

the final two remaining 
yokozuna were featured 

they put on great bout, 
and Hakuho secured rare 
unblemished record 

a new banzuke scroll shall 
be written, big names at top 

in those forty-two 
brush-stroked as makuuchi, 
big hearts get challenged 

this basho - for example - 
think of lame Kotoyuki 

barely able to 
walk after bouts twice in 
the past seven days 

refusing assistance down 
hanamichi afterwards 

fearing the juryo 
drop, essentially on one 
leg, he continued 

and on this single stubborn 
leg, Kotoyuki survived 

each day, hobbling self 
forward, more heart than good sense, 
Kotoyuki fought 

and somehow, he was able 
to win as many as lost 

instead of fusen 
with three wins, he finished a 
noble 6 and 9 

will this be enough to keep 
demotion demons at bay? 

the new banzuke 
scroll will be unfurled before 
long, and we’ll find out 

yet regardless where his name 
appears, his heart remains large 

Kotoyuki’s done 
all he could to keep his name 
large as possible 

the past year seen as decline - 
sekiwake spirals down 

makekoshi four 
honbasho in a row - a 
true downward spiral 

makekoshi rikishi 
don’t get fighting spirit stars 

yet there can be no 
denying Kotoyuki 
has felt spiral’s edge 

his lame leg has touched the edge, 
and he’s begun pushing back 

L1V3D 1N TH1S PL4C3 (FLVV4NN4)...

lived in this place (Fluvanna)
longer than anywhere else,
yet still feel most unsettled

Saturday, May 27


congregations of small folk 
manufactured as simple 
plastic fuckers without thoughts

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 14: TOCHINOSHIN (11-3)

Caucasus sumo 
psychological today, 
with lengthy staredowns 

Tochinoshin’s has had great 
summer basho, excelling 

with Tamawashi 
staring back, neither reaches 
down - simply staring 

Tochinoshin breaks the lock 
of alpha spirit eyeballs 

he stretches himself, 
and returns to starting pose, 
quick to plant two fists 

“fuck you Tamawashi, I’m 
ready,” mannerisms say 

Tamawashi pounds 
the sand and blasts off at side 
stepped Tochinoshin 

the Georgian henkas aside, 
and slaps Tamawashi down 

natsu basho has 
seen Tochinoshin do well - 
using brain plus brawn 

11 wins equals his 
best basho showing ever 

the man who was once 
komusubi may return 
to that destiny 

it’s a daily battle, for 
two weeks every two months 

the pyramid is 
climbed slowly, over seasons, 
whether east or west 

Tochinoshin applying 
big picture psychology 

true Caucasians are 
devious creatures, full of 
trickster deceptions 

beware their sumo presence 
(and further expansion east) 

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 13: HARUMAFUJI (11-2)

as natsu basho 
has worn on, yokozuna 
slowly disappear 

first Kakuryu dropped out, 
Mongolian quick fusen 

the national hero fell 
behind in losses 

this justified withdrawal 
as two stayed undefeated 

and Hakuho stood alone 
(two days back, they did) 

day thirteen - Takayasu 
battles Harumafuji 

Takayasu’s quest 
for ozeki almost complete 
(impressively so) 

Harumafuji hoping 
to keep pace with Hakuho 

day twelve loss was his 
first negative blemish this 
basho narrative 

yokozuna and rising 
star engaged in epic fight 

looked to have Takayasu 
beaten at one point 

foot against outer rope, he 
recalibrated himself 

bull-stormed in for victory, 
only to catch air 

Takayasu pushed him down, 
leaving Hakuho alone 

of four yokozuna, was 
next-to-last standing 

two losses with two days left… 
this basho is Hakuho’s 

the era of four 
yokozuna can’t sustain 
four yokozuna 

as there is no demotion, 
retirement rides horizon 

is the eldest of the four; 
he fights against time 

his fighting spirit remains 
strong, but we all lose to time 

L1ST3N1NG T0 0LD M3T4L...

listening to old metal
LPs in fucked up camper,
hiding from my adulthood

Friday, May 26

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 12: AOIYAMA (2-10)

oh Aoiyama  
you giant Bulgarian, 
what are you doing? 

European sumo so 
pasty and flabby-breasted 

left knee heavily 
wrapped from birth it sometimes seems… 
what are you doing? 

following Kotooshu’s 
footsteps into too far east 

a perpetual 
maegashira, but also 
once sekiwake 

now nearing thirty one years, 
what are you doing, big man? 

do the blue mountains 
of Bulgaria still call? 
what of Elhovo? 

where the Tundzha river crawls 
between Strandzha and Sakar 

so far from home, here 
in this strange world of sumo, 
grappling for respect 

left knee throbs for home, big man, 
what the fuck are you doing? 

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 11: ONOSHO (7-4)

Onosho the 
young buck making his debut 
in makuuchi 

his basho started strong, but 
then the pressure got at him 

born on the fourth of 
July, only 21, 
he has tightened up 

sure his bouts come earlier 
in day’s opening session 

one must remember 
he’s only just now made his 
top level debut 

on makuuchi’s other 
end from Kisenosato 

Onosho quickly 
shot up bottom six rungs of 
sumo pyramid 

after eliminating 
Ishiura - seven wins 

Onosho now poised 
for his first kachi-koshi 
in makuuchi 

congratulations, young stud - 
may your career last decades 

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 10: HAKUHO (10-0)

Hakuho, despite 
young yokozuna, remains 
the master sumo 

he is different level - 
thirty-seven bashos won 

not only best now 
but best of modern era - 
few even compare 

main event day ten facing 
off one loss Takayasu 

as if in epic 
illustrations, the two locked, 
pushed, held, and maintained 

and yet Hakuho always 
seemed to have control in hand 

to beat the master
requires near perfection in 
dohyo round confines 

Hakuho’s circular stalking, 
backwards lures - unparalleled 

Takayasu proved 
strong, yet eventually 
was pushed out like child 

Japanese sumo elders 
may have Kisenosato 

but Hakuho will 
remain imposing figure 
casting long shadow 

east yokozuna number 
one should have been Hakuho 

to be listed fourth? 
even after injury? 
massive disrespect 

ten days, Harumafuji 
and Hakuho unbeaten 

but Hakuho now 
competes against history 
more than other men 

Hakuho won’t be denied; 
this basho, year, or ever 


that motherfuckin' buddha
droppin' bezels of wisdom,
but y'all ain't even listen

MY F4V0R1T3 V1D30...

my favorite video
game's nature; Sabu won the
purple deadnettles title

Thursday, May 25


sustenance from detritus -
the vulture's meditation
as psychic survival plan

freestyle sonnet #085: THE CREEPING WHITENESS

The creeping whiteness is never called out, because 
it behaves along progressive paths, attempting 
to atone for tone dead ancestors who wrote laws 
so oppressive, hoping atonement's exempting 

them from repercussions, except still this creeping 
whiteness remains supremely confident it knows 
better than lessers, those nonprogressers too sleeping 
to become woke. The unbroke whiteness makes great shows 

of solidarity with poverty class POCs, 
and even well-off POCs become assimilated 
into creeping whiteness as modern paradox 
to black-or-white perceptions thus nation-stated. 

Obvious white supremacy complemented 
by left-hand creeping whiteness just as demented. 

3ND 0F TH3 L1N3 4RR1V3D 4T...

end of the line arrived at
where the buzzing stopped and I
could become freebird again

MY PL4C3 C4N'T B3 D3V3L0P3D...

my place can't be developed -
part and parcel of larger
whole, tethered to entire thing

Tuesday, May 23

H4RD T0 R3M41N F0CVS3D WH3N...

hard to remain focused when
all the visions forced to chase
belong to other people

34CH P13C3 0F M3T4L F4SH10N3D...

each piece of metal fashioned
in separate factories -
industry’s strange symphony


#1: c0pz 1n c4m0Vfl4g3/g34r3d Vp f0r 0b3d13nc3/3nf0rc3m3nt - fVll b0r3
#2: 1 r3m41n p34c3fVl/l1st3n1ng t0 h34rt - n0t br41n/p01s0n3d bY cr4ck3d skVll
#3: p3pp3r spr4Y 3y3s1ght/g3ts bl1nd3d bY 4ngrY f1r3s/- r3tr34t t0 sh4d0wz
#4: 4l-ghVr4b 4ll4h/- wr1t1ng j1h4d p03trY/0f 1nt3rn4l f1ght
#5: wh1sp3r1ng dh1kr/w4lk1ng thrV sh1ttY c1tY/jVst b3f0r3 sVnr1s3
#6: bVzzb0t 3l3ctr0n/4Vth0r1tY 3nf0rc3d bY/0rg4n1c r0b0tz
#7: g0v3rnm3nt p4p3rz/n3v3r 1n 0rd3r fVllY/- f00l 0Vtt4 c0ntr0l
#8: fr33 sp33ch z0n3 b4rb3d w1r3/str3tch3d 4r0Vnd p3r1m3t3r/0f psYch1c s4f3 sp4c3
#9: n3v3r sp34k y0Vr trVth/1nt0 0p3n s0Vrc3 m41nfr4m3/- t00 m4nY b4ck d00rz
#10: r3s1st 1n r34l l1f3/- s0w d1ss3nt; w4tch 1t bl0ss0m/b3n34th kn0wn sVrf4c3