Thursday, December 18


#1: never no strangeness/just straight struggling with crooked/world’s crooked ass ways
#2: haunted by failed dreams/never restful sleep tossing/& turning ‘til dead
#3: “sleep is the cousin/of death” said Nastradamus/thru rap prophecies
#4: stream of (un)conscious/churns out freestyle sonnetry/anonymity
#5: obscure lives losing/power infiltrated by/small predator drones
#6: imagine 3rd eye/is real where is it pointed/RIGHT THE FUCK NOW YO
#7: small invisible/predator drone buzzbots snake/thru 3rd eye entry
#8: snake philosophies/polluting neural pathways/sneak down spine to heart
#9: anti-biotic/pro-robotic gut bombs make/for snake intestines
#10: eventually/slithering thru life wishing/for legs to still stand

Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts zines

I have finally decided to just embrace my chaos brain fully and go back to doing chaos zines because it helps with my illness of the brain. Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts is 8.5x7 40 page digest zine that can sit around somewhere be chill and be read for a while. Here is the shop for this thing: 

Subscriptions are available at that link as well in limited quantities - $30 for four issues in America, $40 for four issues the rest of the world, and honestly it's slightly cheaper perhaps to buy each issue individually, except I don't think I'm always going to make them available online, and I'm contemplating actually making an issue I just burn all the copies other than subscribers because we care too much about keeping and curating everything as if everything matters too much. Once Hand-to-Hand Haiku events start up again, whatever issues I have some left of, they'll only be $5 per copy there. But by subscribing, you guarantee getting yourself a copy, somewhat timely, and you support whatever the fuck it is I do. That might mean something to you, and you're okay with that (which I appreciate); or it might not mean anything at all to you, and I'm fine with that too. I feel good about what I do, and enjoy it being supported, but I also don't really care too much about being hassled about it. I'm not a businessman, not even close. When I feel hassled, I usually burn a bridge or two.

Because of that, I've decided that each issue is limited to an edition of 150. I'll number them in red, because you can't photocopy red, and it reminds me of old Chinese wall hangings. Also, as you can see from the picture below, in the numbering box, I've left room to scribble a haiku. Each copy will have it's own haiku, perhaps tailored to you, I don't know. We'll see. No promises other than there'll be a haiku there. And not one I save to collect later. I just scribble it on there and let it go - that's my signature, a stupid haiku just for you.
Also, in the numbering, there is method to that as well, sort of:

  • copies 1 through 3 - saved for the future, not sure what that even means yet because it's not the future yet
  • copies 4 through 18 - saved to give to individuals who build creative nonsense beautiful gibberish in the world, who may or may not even know me; I consider this a 10% tithe to the creative nature of the universe I'd like to live in
  • copies 19 through ? - starting with #19, they go to the longest subscriber, which means those who were getting One Thousand Feathers roll over to this (at roughly 4 of those to 1 of these, because these are huge); as subscribers fall off, re-subscribers move up in order; eventually I hope all issues are subscribed out and there's a waiting list, but that also is in the future and we're not there yet; but for now, let's just say you can subscribe at the link above but subscriptions are limited to a certain number so that subscription part of the shop may disappear without notice at any point

If you have any questions, hit me up through whatever means you know how to hit me up through. If you want to send scrilla direct without the link usage, perhaps using the gift option in paypal in the way many of us know to do with each other when we are cool about shit like that, my paypal is raven mack at gmail dotcommie.

Tuesday, December 16


#1: br1dg3 cr0ss1ng r1v3r/sp4nn1ng b3tw33n tw1n w0rld b4nkz/d3m4nd1ng b4nk sh1t
#2: r1v3r cr0ss1ng 34rth/cr0ss1ng sky cr0ss1ng mVlt1/v3rs3 v3rs3d 1n ch4ng3z
#3: 34rth d3m0nl0rdz/3mb3zzl3 4bstr4ct10nz fr0m/43th3r - f3Vd4l1stz
#4: fVt1l3 0rg4n1z3d/r3s1st4nc3 0nly str3ngth3nz/1nhVm4n3 3g0z
#5: (c1v1l)(1z)(n4t10n)/h4s d33p t3nt4cl3z - 0nly/d3-r00t3d by f!r3
#6: br1dg3z c0nn3ct1ng/(c1v1l)(1z)(n4t10n)’z strVctVr3z/l1k3 f4ls3 4rt3r13z
#7: th3 s1mpl3 4ct 0f/bVrn1ng br1dg3z 1s r3v0lt/w3’r3 t1r3d 0f dr0wn1ng
#8: br1dg3z m34n n0th1ng/t0 th0s3 dr0wn1ng - l1v3z “w4st3d”/”sp3nt” Vnd3r w4t3r
#9: fr0m h1gh 0n b4nkz c0m3/pr0m1s3s 0f 0xyg3n/st1ll 1 4m dr0wn1ng
#10: 1f y0V c4n r34d th1s/t1m3 1s n0w - t1nd3r'z 1n pl4c3/f!r3 f!r3 pr3tty f!r3