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Friday, June 22

Thursday, June 21

R3B1RTH 1S N3V3R 4S F4R...

rebirth is never as far
as we think; after dark storms,
the sun shines, we rise again

World Cup Tanka: ARGENTINA vs. CROATIA (Match 23)

Messi had failure 
demons come calling in their 
World Cup opener 

Icelandic goalkeep stopping 
shouldn't miss penalty kick 

Croatia was hard, 
beating poor Nigeria 
into submission 

expect more of the same from 
heartless Balkan motherfucks 

physical first half, 
Croats playing their normal 
strong style defense 

at halftime, Messi hath not 
struck yet, and looks unsettled 

he's had the face of 
man carrying heavy weight 
through qualifying 

second half, simple keeper 

Caballero serves 
practice volley to Rebic, 
who breaks the world's heart 

suddenly down one, Lio 
Messi looks like "what the fuck?" 

Sampaoli stalks 
the sideline, frantic, worried, 
looking like madman 

desperate struggle tragedy - 
Modric delivers dagger 

stoppage time third 
goal, and Croatia is through 
to the knockout rounds 

Argentina is fucked - not 
out, but they've been defeated 

World Cup Tanka: FRANCE vs. PERU (Match 22)

France was supposed to 
dominate, but had trouble 
beating Australia 

I mean, they did - better than 
other powers (who all drew) 

Guerrero's flashy 
heel kick shot made me question 
why he didn't start 

spirit warriors like that get 
played until no life is left 

Peru came storming 
out with spirit, but France has 
unequalled talent 

Pogba, who appeared absent 
first match despite goal, goes hard 

delicate touches 
as conductor of offense - 
a mark of the greats 

Pogba snatches Peru's ball, 
to Giroud, to Mbappe 

the entire segment 
so quick and deadly - that's the 
full force French team's threat 

up one at half, with Peru 
looking worse for wear as well 

second half had good 
pace for French team, but needn't 
do anything more 

lack of equalizer meant 
Peru eliminated 

nothing ever came; 
the French punched their ticket to 
knockout tournament 

Peru's long, hard-fought return 
to the World Cup mostly done

World Cup Tanka: DENMARK vs. AUSTRALIA (Match 21)

no real dog in this 
fight, though have greasy hands full 
of Australian friends 

don't really like Denmark since 
I'm anti-European 

Australia's dark green 
kits not great as canary 
yellow, not at all 

at least they have neon green 
names and numbers (and aura) 

not following game 
too closely, been fucking off 
at the job too much 

nobody's said anything, 
working class guilt's been triggered 

of course, if football 
is for the people, then why 
should I feel guilty? 

because in America, 
soccer is about profit 

corporate sponsors, 
exclusive television 
rights, vast corruption 

dollar dollar bill, y'all; I 
listen to authorized call 

Group C's slow boil lacks 
the necessary drama - 

tied at halftime, internet 
ablaze with VAR discussion 

didn't even listen 
half-heartedly, half-assing 
at work rest of match

tied at full-time, single point 
for both teams confuses group

M1SS1NG L1F3'S 34RL13R S1D3...

missing life's earlier side,
when I still had dreams, ambitions,
and destiny could be good

Wednesday, June 20

World Cup Tanka: IRAN vs. SPAIN (Match 20)

at beginning of 
day, Iran sat atop Group 
B table, oddly 

Queiroz has built true team, one 
that's physical as fuck, too 

Spain perhaps flirting 
with disaster, new manager 
and drew Portugal 

on paper, they dominate, 
but we're playing in real life 

this match has got some 
motherfuckin' horns going, 
sounds like mosquitos 

Spain was talking shit about 
scoring in the first minute 

personally, I'd 
love to see Iranian 
team advance today 

but hopes to see anything 
disrupted by in real life 

watched some at work, 
watched end of first half while 
sitting at bus stop 

then it was halftime; by the 
time I was home, Costa scored 

stole a few minutes 
watching while Mr. Rogers 
between two outfits 

Goodwill casual traded 
for track pants and bootleg kit 

then drove my kid to 
gymnastics; Iranian 
team didn't level 

Group B shall be clusterfuck 
on next Monday afternoon 

World Cup Tanka: URUGUAY vs. SAUDI ARABIA (Match 19)

Uruguay did not 
look that great against Egypt, 
but still got 3 points 

a win here, them and Russia 
are through to knockout stages 

the Saudi team made 
expansion to 48 
look like bad idea 

but "bad" suggests the point is 
good football, not great profits 

didn't watch single 
second of Suarez versus 
Saudis - stupid work 

a meeting to give input 
on how good the Kool-Aid tastes 

our American 
bureaucracy will one day 
cave in on itself 

applying "lean" principles 
to people as if machines 

of course, my lack of 
productivity could be 
cause for June concern 

fuck it man, don't care, western 
civilization's a lie 

Suarez tapped in lone 
goal, no one was assaulted, 
no fatwas issues 

bismillah, football gods should 
consult bezels of wisdom 

Group A is wrapped up, 
already excited for 
the knockout stages 

there, the football gods' judgment 
is finalized (for four years)