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Monday, May 29

patreon con mack retro active backwards release

I have A PATREON which means you can just give me money for doing ridiculous internet shit, in real life. The two main things that are sort of attached to patronage of me is this supports the Trump/Smoky Mountain Wrestling project (finishing up month 3 and 4, slowly, begrudgingly, because politics sucks) and a Dirtgod Podcast (mostly just sat around recording frogs so it might just be frogs to be honest, which would be a pretty great podcast actually), but because people ask so often, and in fact I received a request just today about this, I've decided to start releasing back issues of my famous (and perhaps infamous) The Confederate Mack zine, working backwards, to patrons only. Issue 53 dropped tonight.

(issue 53 cover)
Cover was a picture a dude named Tommy sent me of Farmville back in the day. Contrary to the picture, this back in the day was likely the '90s, as the dude that owned the Farmville Herald drove an old ass car like that. I at one point painted the building just to right of camera shot. I also used to get drunk and high as fuck at an arcade at young tender age a block away from here. I am avoiding looking into contents of the zines too deeply because I tend to hate anything that I did longer than 7 minutes ago. It keeps me moving forward. Give to my patreon. The first podcast will be, lolol, "done" this week hopefully.

Previously dropped issue 55 in there. Not sure what happened to issue 54, or if one even existed.

(issue 55 cover)
As you can see, I was on some scribble shit in classic zine form at this point, though I didn't scribble all the Japanese characters. That was some outsider artist guy who worked in a Japanese kitchen I saw in Raw Vision magazine at the time. I am not entirely sure Issue 55 was ever even printed. I also know that I have no idea where an issue 54 might be. This is sort of the nature of my work, which I unfortunately don't get to work at like I used to, because normal people work eats up a lot of the day and energy and well fuck, you can give to the patreon or not, it is up to you.
Peace - Raven

C4M3R4 0N-H4ND 4LL T1M3S...

camera on-hand all times
more out of meditative
practice to remain peaceful

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Final Day: KOTOYUKI (6-9)

final day Natsu 
Basho, most things decided - 
Hakuho shall win 

the final two remaining 
yokozuna were featured 

they put on great bout, 
and Hakuho secured rare 
unblemished record 

a new banzuke scroll shall 
be written, big names at top 

in those forty-two 
brush-stroked as makuuchi, 
big hearts get challenged 

this basho - for example - 
think of lame Kotoyuki 

barely able to 
walk after bouts twice in 
the past seven days 

refusing assistance down 
hanamichi afterwards 

fearing the juryo 
drop, essentially on one 
leg, he continued 

and on this single stubborn 
leg, Kotoyuki survived 

each day, hobbling self 
forward, more heart than good sense, 
Kotoyuki fought 

and somehow, he was able 
to win as many as lost 

instead of fusen 
with three wins, he finished a 
noble 6 and 9 

will this be enough to keep 
demotion demons at bay? 

the new banzuke 
scroll will be unfurled before 
long, and we’ll find out 

yet regardless where his name 
appears, his heart remains large 

Kotoyuki’s done 
all he could to keep his name 
large as possible 

the past year seen as decline - 
sekiwake spirals down 

makekoshi four 
honbasho in a row - a 
true downward spiral 

makekoshi rikishi 
don’t get fighting spirit stars 

yet there can be no 
denying Kotoyuki 
has felt spiral’s edge 

his lame leg has touched the edge, 
and he’s begun pushing back 

L1V3D 1N TH1S PL4C3 (FLVV4NN4)...

lived in this place (Fluvanna)
longer than anywhere else,
yet still feel most unsettled