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Saturday, June 23


all lined up in perfect rows,
rushing off to work, holding
the whole facade together

World Cup Tanka: SOUTH KOREA vs. MEXICO (Match 28)

South Korea's first 
match rather unimpressive, 
should've lost by more 

likely their last chance today 
at winning a World Cup match 

the People's Team of 
America's first match since 
defeating Germans 

biggest win national team 
history - Vamos El Tri! 

Koreans keep pace 
until handball in the box - 
Vela penalty 

crowd energy exploded - 
human nuclear fission 

Mexico lacks the 
intensity of first match - 
adrenal fatigue 

far better than Korea, 
but still only one goal up 

until Lozano 
leads a three-on-one breakout - 
Chicharito gooolllllllll!

whole bottom of stadium 
waving red, white, and green flags 

the People's Team of 
America controlling, 
holding two goal lead 

the Koreans start to get 
chippy, yellow cards flying 

North American 
continent represented 
well, if only once 

fuck Trump, fuck ICE, fuck Europe, 
fuck Putin - Vamos El Tri! 

World Cup Tanka: BELGIUM vs. TUNISIA (Match 27)

yoooo... Belgium yellow 
kits at the top of dirtgod 
holiday wish list 

the team itself pretty sick 
collection of world talents 

in principle, I'm 
all for Tunisia due to 

but they lack charismatic 
guiding light to get behind 

choosing Roberto 
Martinez as manager 
a pretty wise choice 

experience handling top 
talent assortment's egos 

the Belgian attack - 
with Hazard, Lukaku, plus 
others - far too much 

two goals up just like that, but 
Tunisia doesn't lay down 

got one back, and fought 
through first half, two injuries 
depleting options 

second half unleashes full 
throttle yellow Belgian push 

Lukaku's soft touch 
gives them third goal, and then it's 
wide open from there 

lesser team clutching closely 
loses hope rather quickly 

Belgian Red Devils 
more than legit contender 
to win whole damn thing 

this generation their best 
ever, and clicking to boot 


sitting on bench, watching lives
pass by which seem to have it
figured out in ways I don't

Friday, June 22

World Cup Tanka: SERBIA vs. SWITZERLAND (Match 26)

Serbia's my least 
favorite non-favorite 
nation at World Cup 

read far too much shit about 
fall of Yugoslavia 

this Swiss team features 
Slavic diaspora stars, 
not down with the Serbs 

football metaphysics adds 
sediment deeper than sport 

none more Serbian 
than Mitrovic, who drives home 
goal first five minutes 

their assault complete, the Serbs 
settle into cold defense 

Swiss looked complacent, 
uninspired, up until half, 
came back out full bore 

Xhaka missiles a return 
from Shaqiri deflection 

Xhaka does double 
eagle hand celebration, 
taunting Serbia 

the game just got exciting, 
normcore, and metaphysics 

after energy 
of Xhaka's goal dies down, Serb's 
re-assert control 

the live stadium crowd is 
FUCKING LIT; feels like knockout 

tensest group stage match 
I've seen, by far - high octane 
in final minutes 

Shaqiri drives home the spike, 
shirtless Kosovar hand signs 

World Cup Tanka: NIGERIA vs. ICELAND (Match 25)

the Super Eagles 
sporting the Worldest Cuppest 
jerseys possible 

I’ll be an old man searching 
future ebay for these joints 

Iceland means we’ll get 
more thunder claps and mad dudes 
sporting -son surnames 

proud tiny tribalism 
of island motherfuckers 

this is a tale of 
two barely known goalkeepers, 
both of whom done well 

Iceland’s Halldorsson had that 
big Messi penalty kill 

Uzoho only 
19, on much bigger stage 
than Spanish B-league 

I love matches like this one - 
underdogs sharing power 

halftime still level, 
meaning Argentina rides 
bottom of table 

early second half, Moses 
and Musa show classic flair 

soft and sweet assist 
on breakaway, delicate 
single touch then strike 

later, Musa jukes goalkeep, 
dances past defenders - that’s two 

is Iceland shook? yes, 
Gylfi even shanks easy 
penalty; they’re shook 

thunder claps silenced, replaced 
by joyous west African drums

World Cup Tanka: BRAZIL vs. COSTA RICA (Match 24)

Brazil training pitch 
drama this week regarding 
Neymar’s limping round 

Neymar is a punk - all the 
talent in the world, but weak 

Costa Rica has 
feel of another World Cup 
motion-goer team 

other than their goalkeeper, 
they’ve shown very little fire 

a most uninspired 
group stage match for most of the 
way, nothing felt real 

how do you go through four-year 
process sans intensity? 

props to referees 
for letting them play, but still 
Neymar goes fishing 

you breathe too close to that dude 
and it’s like scythe chopped him down 

South American 
teams struggling mightily, from 
the wrong hemisphere 

(rarely do nations from the 
other side of Earth win this) 

in the end, as it 
should be, Brazil decided 
to bang couple in 

sure, it was in extra time, 
but they still did what they should 

both Coutinho and 
Neymar score; ultimately, 
Brazil’s shown weakness 

will they seize throats and squeeze? or 
will they fall down in cosplay? 

T3LL1NG TH3 S4M3 0L' ST0R13S...

telling the same ol' stories
to diff'rent faces (sometimes
the same, but blurred memory)