Friday, September 4

meandering gamble called
life path never doubles back
unless you made a mistake

45s on 33 – #7: “Higher Ground”

I keep an old copy of Aristotle’s Metaphysics in my bathroom, not even sure where I got it used but the thing is massively underlined. I guess whoever had the book lacked highlighters or something because all these key points are underlined in black ink, but on some pages it is literally about two-thirds of the page they underlined.
On top of this, being the book is in the bathroom of my house – an old farmhouse perhaps not functioning in the ways most Americans expect modern houses to work, there have been water stains and mildew growing here or there. Honestly, I don’t know if that was there already or joined up after it got here, but it certainly fits the possibility of post-Raven existence to become mildewed after being left in the bottom end of a sideways peach crate in his bathroom, so I’m going to give the used book the benefit of the doubt and say it’s my fault the mildew water stains are in there. But the purple-ish stains combined with the massively underlining make for beautiful pages, not so much in their original printed format but in the layers of existence that this particular copy of this book has gone through.
The confusing thing to me though is the book is so heavily underlined, but stop about midway through Book Iota (which is about halfway through the entire book). Why did somebody underline almost everything, as if this was their bible, then stop? Is the underlining person dead? Was this for a class and they just stopped giving a fuck? What happened? This really bothers me sometimes, because the first half of this copy is so heavily underlined but the second half is like a normal used book somebody would sell you, unmarked.
I generally just flip it open somewhere and read. You really can’t pick the wrong page of Aristotle’s Metaphysics. It’s an amazing book, and though complex as fuck, also really simple, sort of like how Buddhist parables are actually. Ideally, I’d like my own copy of Ibn Sina’s Metaphysics (which built off Aristotle) to have in the bathroom too, but my copy of that is checked out from a library and I ain’t trying to fuck that one up in normal Raven possessive fashion, so I keep it on my desk. Both Metaphysics are absolutely amazing works though, and I will probably study both of them for the remainder of my life.
I don’t understand the consumption of books, the ticking them off like a list, as if you have to do all these different books to show how much you have consumed of literature. I could honestly read the same ten books over and over and over for the rest of my life. Granted, it took a lot of reading to get the list down to those ten, and if you had asked me five years ago, Ibn Sina probably wouldn’t have been on the list, so there’s a positive to expanding your knowledge base, for sure. But also, books like the Metaphysics you could read once a year for the rest of your life and never get the same reading twice. That’s actually the reason Ibn Sina wrote a Metaphysics of his own, because he studied Aristotle for years and never really felt like he had a deep understanding of it, so wrote his own as a means of obtaining a better understanding. If we have visionary philosopher writers like that nowadays, they certainly don’t cross the book consumption radar too often. If you know of any, I’d love to hear who they are though.

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45s on 33 – #8: “Ghost Walk”

Ancestral ghosts tended to use to walk with me, some I had known in this realm, others I only knew through oral histories shared between human bridges. At times this would feel weird, having these ancestral voices whispering at me, but there was also a certain confidence that I was not alone even when alone, but I haven’t heard them as much lately and that seems even more unsettling to be honest. From the ones I’ve known, all of whom left in traumatic circumstances to one extent or another, I’ve guessed that if most spirituality theories are assuming some sort of re-immersion into the overall way of the universe, sort of re-unifying with everything (which could be scientific as well, if you think of it in simple organic chemistry terms), then these spirits might be ones that were still too attached to this physical existence, thus couldn’t achieve complete re-unification. (Of course this is all ridiculous speculation, but fuck man, most of human philosophical thought is built off ridiculous speculation.) Those ancestral voices that speak to you (meaning me, as all I know is my own experience) might be attached to you because of blood (genetics) or just shared experiences. Of course, folks have also felt presence of ghosts that have no genetic attachment to them, and those are usually geographically tied to wherever you are.
My ol’ lady recently visited a place that has some high level scientific satellite shit going on, and there was a certain older intelligence agency vibe to the place. There also were a lot of spirits floating around there, so much so it tinged the ol’ lady as well as me. So there can be dark voices floating around too, and if you don’t think government has thrown resources after trying to tap into shit like that, you’d be na├»ve. Research remote viewing. And when it comes to “government intelligence” always remember anything you are learning about is at least a decade old most likely, and probably outdated info. They’re not releasing the hard shit to the public.
I say this because when it comes to ancestral voices, I can’t get caught up in that “dark forces vs. light forces” geopolitical bullshit. I honestly don’t give a fuck at this point. We have these arbitrary borders applied to us, and somehow it’s supposed to make us exceptional from all others in some way. It doesn’t; it’s pure chance. You get deep enough into the blood lines and we all came from the same limited stock. But I do worry about why these voices aren’t as heard by me lately, and how that adds to this feeling of psychic solitude.
Most of what is considered African folk religion, in fact most folk religions regardless of continent (even Europe) had this aspect of receiving communication from ancestral sources as part of existence, with certain acknowledgements (offerings) made up now and then to keep them talking. I’m guessing maybe I need something like that, but we’ve moved so far into a technological fog which has been empowered by alleged scientific spirituality, that I’m not even sure what to do. So mostly I go for walks in the woods, and wait for something to come to me.