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Tuesday, September 25

Sunday, September 23

W3NT T0 SCH00L 4T L34ST THR33 D4YS...

went to school at least three days
most weeks, kept my grades up, and
got high as fuck a whole lot

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Fourteen: TAKANOSHO (8-6)


Takanosho got 
kachikoshi in his first 
top level basho 

this means more wins than losses, 
if you’re a sumo novice 

the opposite is 
makekoshi, and either 
means rankings movements 

up or down the overall 
rankings, released each basho 

there’s a banzuke 
scroll, where every rikishi 
is written in ink 

at the top, largest letters, 
are current yokozuna 

the names get smaller 
the further down banzuke 
scroll, to the bottom 

at the very bottom are 
those young men new to sumo 

thus, Takanosho, 
in first basho at sumo’s 
top level, did well 

promising young rikishi, 
increasing their scroll ink size 

personally, I 
find this so fascinating - 
worth displayed by size 

if there was an all-time scroll, 
Hakuho’s name’d be biggest 

day fourteen, he locked 
down another yusho win - 
his forty-first one 

no rikishi - or even 
yokozuna - matches that 

the young and the old, 
and how their trajectories 
intersect - sumo 

daily bouts for fifteen days, 
six bashos a year - sumo 

a sporting culture 
thick with ceremony, and 
corruption - sumo 

stories unfolding slowly 
like nature itself - sumo 

S1GNS W3 C4N'T 4FF0RD T0 K33P...

signs we can't afford to keep
up no more, in places we
still live since nowhere to go

Saturday, September 22

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Thirteen: HOKUTOFUJI (8-5)

[ee see dubyoo! ee see dubyoo!] 

after seven days, 
Hokutofuji was tied 
with the unbeatens 

since that day, he’s struggled to 
maintain that unblemished pace 

after couple days 
of losses, he finally 
got kachikoshi 

he’s struggled to get further 
into the winning column 

Nishikigi and 
he had a stubborn battle, 
with a trick ending 

Hokutofuji tried to 
twist at dohyo’s edge for win 

gyoji pointed 
his way at first - monoii 
called by ringside crew 

Nishikigi pretty slow 
to get up, arm dangling limp 

four feet clinging to 
permitted area, two 
bodies crush sideways 

original decision 
reversed with further review 

first seven bouts fought perfect; 
momentum shifts quick 

and yet Hokutofuji 
fights with every last step 

sumo continues 
to be an unforgiving sport 
for these rikishi 

trajectories dissipate 
before one has chance to think 

(later day thirteen, 
battle of yokozunas 
got the crowd hyped up) 

(Hakuho easily beat 
Kisenosato, with flair) 

(Hakuho’s lock on 
winning this basho appears 

(two ozeki two losses 
back with only two days left) 

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Twelve: GOIEDO (10-2)

[rookie mistake charge] 

ozeki master 
busting out psychology 
to psyche out Abi 

young Abi never even 
got his hands down it felt like 

multiple matta, 
couple stand-back-up stare downs, 
got Abi back heeled 

when they finally started, 
Goiedo got him on jump 

Abi's energy 
burst pushed back, but Goiedo 
stepped aside to left 

helpful swat, and Abi's down; 
Goiedo remains top-notch