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Saturday, June 30

World Cup Tanka: GROUP G FINALE (Matches 47 & 48)

bailed out on group stage 
early because Belgium and 
England meant nothing 

Harry Kane didn't even 
play, screwing up my dork shit 

predicting ev'ry 
game with a bunch of British 
bastards I don't know 

gamify your entire life - 
give meaninglessness meaning 

I guess Panama 
versus Tunisia barely 
interested me 

but also I've fucked off at 
work so hard the past two weeks 

as American, 
work before sport, and soccer's 
not even real sport 

you're allowed March Madness, and 
of course Super Bowl worship 

both those events are 
more commercial than substance, 

Thursday afternoon crisis 
of existence for Raven 

bailed so hard took two 
days to catch up on tanka, 

elohel, it's already 
started in dirtgod real life 

but I began this 
idiotic project with 
promise to finish 

so even if I mail it 
in, shit's gonna get finished 

it's actually 
Saturday night; went to the 
drag races today 

I watched stupid Messi 
and Ronaldo get beaten 

but I also watched 
giant American cars 
roar with jacked-up strength 

there's no drag racing World Cup... 
oh wait, back to the soccer 

Panama's best chance 
at winning first World Cup game 
came up one goal short 

Tunisia gave Africa 
little consolation though 

Africa shut out 
from knockout stages, meanwhile 
Europe's ev'rywhere 

England and Belgium hardly 
tried at the end of their game 

with live crowd booing, 
they essentially played a 
game of kick-around 

ev'ry game meaningful from 
this point forward - no down time 

Raven Mack tanka 
will remain stream of conscious, 
however, fuck rules 

the collected tanka is 
already fifty pages 

fifty pages of 
World Cup tanka that like 
six people have read 

classic Raven Mack - perform 
ridiculous obscure tasks 

arts forever - no regard 
for what makes best sense 

when it comes to poetry, 
I'm America's dumbest 

World Cup Tanka: GROUP H FINALE (Matches 45 & 46)

my Colombian 
friend was wearing brand new 
blue kit this morning 

she's so sweet and excited, 
but at work - both of us are 

I couldn't tell her 
my love of Senegal's team, 
or she'd yank my beard 

couldn't say how much Mane's 
post-goal prayers inspire me 

I can't even say things - 
my bad Spanish far worse than 
her broken English 

but we look forward to each 
other ev'ryday, flirting friends 

she asks me if there's 
a nueva novia, 
tugging at her ring 

she was first to notice my 
finger first being ringless 

American born 
but don't really possess that 
same psycho logic 

how did I end up at this 
desk down-low streaming World Cup? 

living in city 
which had newsworthy conflicts 
in the streets last year 

our football is concussions, 
beer, flags, and military 

the nationalism 
of World Cup, perhaps lacking 
war's prejudices 

except Russia, "whiteness", and 
Trump/Clinton dystopia 

from this group, pair of 
non-European teams will 
qualify further 

the only African and 
Asian teams possibly left 

football mimicking 
Earth's colonial stories, 
"Western culture" wins 

in America, we don't 
care, with militant anger 

sitting at my desk, 
pretending I'm productive, 
like all other days 

the facade of achieving 
self-worth through mundane time waste 

the myth that the good 
life is easily attained, 
just put in the work 

while an oligarchic Earth 
sits in luxury boxes 

my Colombian 
friend passionately streams 
the match while working 

serving coffee to gringos; 
my desktop full of spreadsheets 

it all still adds up 
to nothing, listening to 
dull Fox announcers 

passionless exercise through 
the only today ever 

matches themselves were 
wild finish, with anyone's 
goal changing finish 

Japan and Senegal down 
to yellow card tiebreaker 

Fair Play points - as if 
meritocracy was real; 
but it never was 

Africa's final entrant, 
eliminated by cards 


dirtgod self-portrait in red,
basement apartment bedroom,
second half of single life

P34K 4M3R1C4N CVLTVR3...

peak American culture
is shoddy manufactured
thrills at outlandish prices

Friday, June 29

Wednesday, June 27

World Cup Finale: GROUP E FINALE (Matches 43 & 44)

Switzerland seems to 
have best path to advancement 
with Costa Rica 

Central American squads 
look to not truly belong 

Brazil always a 
favorite, but flirting with 
German-like crash out 

Serbia has been solid 
squad thus far, sharp on both ends 

punishing Balkan 
defense versus a man who 
falls when wind blows hard 

will Neymar sell the angle well 
enough for penalty win? 

put simply, Brazil 
and Switzerland advance 
if all stays level 

Serbia needs to win, and 
Costa Rica plays spoiler 

far less glory to 
upsetting Switzerland than 
beating Germany 

still though, prospect of Brazil 
and Germany both gone's there 

fuck it, let's make it 
happen; the Swiss score first, but 
then Brazil does too 

top half of table looks to 
remain top half of table 

I'm tuned out mostly 
to be honest - exhausted 
from this morning's games 

with Switzerland and Brazil 
both winning, meh whatever 

but Costa Rica 
draws level, and seems to be 
showing some spirit 

another small nation swan 
song out of World Cup group stage 

seems that Serbia 
should be playing with bit more 
passion than they are 

there's a shocking lackluster 
level of inspiration 

they need two, and with 
thirty minutes left, anxious 
attacks start coming 

William and company 
make dangerous quick counters 

and in fact, just as 
Serbia started showing 
life, Brazil spikes them 

curling Neymar service 
off Thiago Silva's head 

no real drama left, 
as Switzerland can ease off, 
advancing forward 

gonna be a Swedish/Swiss 
round of 16 knockout match 

Mexico's reward 
for backing forwards shall be 
now woke Brazilians 

so few non-European 
teams moving foward, that's sad 

I'd gotten excited 
about possibility 
of Brazil ousting 

I strongly dislike Neymar, 
even more so than Messi 

neither's inspiring - 
a pair of self-important 
talented assholes 

football without spirit, turn 
it on at the end... big yawns 

World Cup Tanka: GROUP F FINALE (Matches 41 & 42)

I though Mexico 
had already advanced, but 
apparently not 

no coasting through this Sweden 
match, saving up for knockout 

Germany's vengeful 
wrath likely will utterly 
destroy Korea 

Germans need a win plus goals 
to guarantee their advance 

South Korea is 
playing the role of spoiler, 
like stealth kimchi mold 

I have Swedish heritage, 
but feel more like Mexican 

the People's Team of 
America represents 
my mentality 

vamos El Tri! - except I'm 
at fucking work, stealth watching 

Mexico looking 
mad nervous early, plus ref 
harshing against them 

perhaps pro-European 
conspiracies at play here? 

Putin's funded "white" 
nationalism across 
macroscopic Earth 

World Cup above corruption? 
c'mon bro, don't be naive 

if South Korea 
could disrupt Germany's hopes, 
that would be helpful 

Mexican defense sleeping, 
Ochoa's their guerrero 

flipped to Germany - 
they seem strangely uninspired 
for needing a win 

Group F full of nerves today; 
halftime both matches nil-nil 

Sweden finally 
cracks weak Mexican defense, 
opens up Group F 

nerd calculations tell 
me Germany would be out 

El Tri actively 
imploding, with penalty, 
and Sweden's up two 

elsewhere, Germany asleep 

Germany begins 
blitzkrieg, occupying the 
South Korean half 

Sweden scores a third - freakish 
own goal: Mexico is doomed 

switched to Germany 
South Korea as this is 
where the answers lie 

the most owned goal of own goals 
by Mexico's Alvarez 

Korea playing 
above their weight, attacking 
to slay Germany 

the Germans probing, with sense 
of salvation goal pending 

Korean goal gets 
disallowed - WE GO TO VAR! 
El Tri fans go wild 

the Mexican team's confused, 
losing but crowd's mas loco 

Korean fills an 
empty net with second goal, 
and Mexico is saved 

Group F simultaneous 
match drama level off charts 


rolling into heavy storms,
metaphysical level,
prepare yourself for the worst

Tuesday, June 26

4 M4N'S L1F3 P4TH 1NT3RS3CTS...

a man's life path intersects
places he never foresaw,
with bindle stick and white rose

World Cup Tanka: GROUP D FINALE (Matches 39 & 40)

continuing my 
anti-colonial stance 
easier this group 

Iceland and Croatia both 
fragments of historic wholes 

my gaze focused on 
Rostov-on-Don where Messi's 
failure demons lurk 

pair of superpowers from 
sub-servient continents 

Naija passion 
running high octane Super 
Eagles in deep green 

Argentine drama also 
high - squad coup attempt denied 

Messi's mom said he 
cried after Croatia match - 
crowd is still sky blue 

Musa is Nigeria's 
Messi, but with a Moses 

whenever Messi 
with ball near the box feels like 
adult versus kids 

his confidence seems to have 
quieted his failure demons 

demons grow louder 
as the ninety minutes drip 
away in seconds 

Messi finally scores - and 
Maradona thanks Jesus 

Messi has same god 
complex Diego does, yet 
is somehow lesser 

young Nigerian keeper 
fingers off Messi free kick 

early second half 
energies intensify - 
Mascherano foul 

cool Victor Moses converts 
with flair; the demons whisper 

Croatia scores, which 
makes Iceland irrelevant 
if that result holds 

Rostov-on-Don remains a 
tense winner-take-all affair 

Uzoho only 
nineteen, on World's brightest stage, 
and thus far shining 

Sampaoli starts stalking 
sideline like fool hooligan 

Musa cross through to 
Ndidi near-dagger strike 
for Argentina 

Gylfi gets equalizer 
against Croatia - tied there 

Nigerian free 
kick almost sealed victory - 

bloody Mascherano looks 
intimidating as fuck 

Marcos Rojo nails 
cross to give Argentina 
hope for a future 

Maradona with double 
middle fingers, yells "puto" 

Maradona's trash, 
and Messi is an asshole - 
they deserve to lose 

Nigeria seems beaten, 
even with time left to play 

four minutes added 
time like an eternity 
for African hopes 

Argentina wins - FIFA 
wins - corporate sponsors win 

World Cup Tanka: GROUP C FINALE (Matches 37 & 38)

not much to Group C 
in my opinion; France won 
as was expected 

I mean sure, Denmark coud win, 
but let's be real here - they won't 

more about pride, although the 
Socceroos not out 

mathematics lies sometimes - 
numbers often come up short 

chose to watch Peru 
against Australia because 
I'll see enough France 

imagine they'll likely get 
at least to quarterfinals 

during the run-up 
fell in love with Guerrero, 
true spirit warrior 

as is often the case with 
spirit warriors, fueled by drugs 

when life is constant 
jihad, self-medication 
will become common 

"nothing is true, ev'rything 
is permitted," spake Hassan 

Carrillo strikes for 
Peru, first goal of Group C 
finale cluster 

I think of Australia as 
weird-talking Americans 

in terms of football, 
this is definitely true - 
they even say "soccer" 

they call their team "Socceroos" 
which sounds almost Trumpian 

also, Jedinak 
is far too craft brew beard oil 
looking for my tastes 

shinefaces gonna shineface, 
regardless of where they born 

gentrification of hoods 
into wealth enclaves 

one corporate luxury 
box replaces thousand seats 

hence my Guerrero 
love - poorly tattooed wretched 
of the Earth football 

perfect European sleeves 
done all at once are no match 

hence my distrust of 
Pogba, because has the mind  
become colonized? 

although penal colony 
as nation is strange story 

as the knockout stage 
starts to develop, my thoughts 
are against Europe 

anybody but Europe; 
oh yeah the games - it's halftime 

Guerrero poaches 
second goal, finally, our 
hero has been heard 

commentators seem mad at 
constant vibration of horns 

jihad spirit war 
continues between "savage" 
and the "civilized" 

when born without a clean sheet, 
the well-behaved always lose 

when the third world is 
first, when the wretched of Earth 
become champions 

when FIFA's corruption gets 
conquered by "degenerates" 

N0 M0R3 M0RN1NG M1M0S4...

no more morning mimosa
mist over angled pasture
where my white quartz altar hid

Monday, June 25

World Cup Tanka: GROUP B FINALE (Matches 35 & 36)

high drama in Group 
B... will Spanish dreams die by 
Berber invasion? 

Morocco only team out 
already, could play spoiler 

I've loved Iran's run 
over course of past four years - 
could this be the end? 

hard to bet against bastard 
Ronaldo (but I will root) 

rushed home riding bus 
two hours after kick-off to 
pour doogh, watch afresh 

American indiff'rence 
allowed for lack of spoilers 

assuming Spanish 
win, watching (and rooting) for 
Iran to advance 

likely to require outright 
conquest over Portugal 

passionate Persians 
looking to beat Europe 
for first time in Cup 

(can't google anything for 
fear of spoilers unleashing) 

Morocco has scored 
elsewhere; while here, Portugal 
controls possession 

teasing a goal against shook 
goalkeeper, STILL SO EARLY 

elsewhere, Spain has drawn 
even; into second pint 
of doogh already 

you can't give me enough mint 
yogurt drink nor world's football 

Iran's physical 
as fuck, not backing down, and 
counter attacking 

you can't fear football powers, 
not when draws will mean defeat 

Ronaldo complains 
with GQ cover ready 
condescending smile 

ref appears to be content 
to let game be physical 

just when it appears 
halftime may come all level, 
Quaresma connects 

Iran essentially two 
down, as Morocco ain't shit 

Ronaldo's sexy 
complaints finally work, with 
late VAR penalty 

Iranians are livid - 
infidel ref hates Islam 


FIFA gods aren't football gods, 
Azmoun denied penalty 

violence steadily 
increasing, expect red cards 
any minute now 

five years of Queiroz work 
twenty minutes from over 

Ronaldo never 
shall get red card, corporate 
dollars protected 

Spain falls behind elsewhere, plus 
Iran scores late penalty 

95th minute, 
almost Iranian goal 
to kill Portugal 

but not to be, as FIFA's 
run by football infidels