RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition. He does have an amazing PATREON, but also *normal* ARTIST WEBSITE too.

Sunday, February 28

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Thursday, February 25


the way this culture has been 
built, we're all replaceable; 
practice embezzling hours back 

Wednesday, February 24

4LW4YS R3M3MB3R T0 L0VNG3...

always remember to lounge - 
ain't shit you really got to 
do but survive each damned day 

Tuesday, February 23

0LD S0VL G04T M3NT4L1T13S...

old soul goat mentalities 
run head first into modern 
world's existential bullshit 

Monday, February 22

Sunday, February 21


satin flags with silk fringe ain't 
for the wretched; most of us 
born half-doomed and one-third dead 

Saturday, February 20

Friday, February 19

MY BL00D L1N3 C4M3 FR0M TH3 H1LLS...

my blood line came from the hills, 
here and there; “son of tonsure” 
hard-headed ascetic monk 

Thursday, February 18

M4D3 1T T0 TH3 H0R1Z0N...

made it to the horizon, 
where I try to blend in with 
Blue Ridge skyline best I can 

Wednesday, February 17

Tuesday, February 16

W4ND3R3D 4L0NGS1D3 TH3 S4M3...

wandered alongside the same 
river for three decades now, 
scattering thoughts like crow caws 

Monday, February 15

1 F0LL0W3D P0W3R L1N3S...

I followed the power lines 
to where buildings stood fifty 
people high; I got lost there 

Sunday, February 14


natural born country boy, 
taking solace in nowhere; 
it’s where I feel most at home 

Saturday, February 13



navigated cinder block 
labyrinths, meandering 
back roads, and own half-doomed heart 

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Nickelus F had a line in one song about eating gas station fried chicken regularly, and being he was also from Richmond, I don’t think I ever related to a rapper more. I estimate I’ve probably eaten close to one billion pieces of gas station fried chicken, with about 84% of that being thighs. When I die, I hope they put an image of a fried chicken thigh on my grave. Actually I’m being cremated and scattered by the railroad tracks, so I hope they save 69 chicken thigh bones to lay with my ashes being scattered, so the raggedy wild dogs and coyotes in the area can enjoy a marrow feast in my dead honor.
By the way, this video is amazing. Nickelus F is one of those brilliant ass dudes nobody knows about. His growing cultural status as Richmond Legend is absolutely deserved.

KN0WL3DG3 0F 4S3M1C...

knowledge of self determined 
by decoding asemic 
writing hidden in the cracks 

Wednesday, February 3

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SONG OF THE DAY: s0Vl p0W3r pt 11

When songs I write about for song of the day from the J.J. Krupert machine don’t exist inside youtube, because it’s a 45 I’ve recorded at 33 rpms (like this one), or some weird ass vaporwave from Lithuania, or beats my boys have made, or shit it might just be some fucked up shit I came across inside the dark tunnels of the internet, and no video exists on youtube for it, then I make one. This used to be just stitching gifs together with the audio, but gradually I started taking chunks of clips from elsewhere and slapping the music on it. It’s very little effort to be honest, but looks pretty great when you blur it out and glitch it up and throw it all together – kinda like knowing your way around a kitchen, in that if you get all the right ingredients and throw them together with even a little bit of competence, then the shit tastes good. This old Maceo & the Macks jam slowed down to 33 speed with a bunch of clips of Jim Kelly kicking people’s asses is the perfect example. This shit is like the fried egg sandwich of digitalia.

W3ST3RN C1V1L1Z4T10N...

western civilization 
is a pyramid scam, which 
launders immorality