RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition. He does have an amazing PATREON, but also *normal* ARTIST WEBSITE too.

Monday, October 31

domesticated creatures
litter the country landscape,
complementing scrap metal
James River Seven Islands
elven tribe taught me how to
disappear brief forevers

Sunday, October 30

dementia criss-crosses spine,
shooting demon monkey thoughts
into my mind, then being
man's eternal polymers
all bubble with correcting
decay at some future point
my mark's mostly unseen, not
for lack of trying, but I
seem to be too far outside

Saturday, October 29

sunrise over any place -
man's dark infrastructure of
progress lurks ominously
eight wheels of eighteen, holding
thin metal and wood boxtops,
scattered across wastelandscape

Friday, October 28

Thursday, October 27

stencil and sharpie my war
flag wherever shinefaces ain't
shining security lights
ya boy dirtgod worked three days
in a charcoal factory;
it was like you’d imagine
shadow dwellers contemplate
how different are right and
left lights - both seem hell-bent dark

Wednesday, October 26

oats hovering overhead,
hung out to dry in bedroom,
only space available
Moon Patrol theme song soundtrack,
draining plastic vodka half-gallons
at back of small town arcade

Tuesday, October 25

fresh coats of coordinated
bright paint to make historic
shithole appear to be new
horizon of blurred shadows,
distant Blue Ridge mountains crouch
underneath astral expanse
exterior universe
still streams through forced solitude,
trying to escape the fog

Monday, October 24

they alternate forcing corn
or soybeans out depleted
soil at both ends of this road
abandoned storefronts gonna
get swallowed by progress once
they work property values

Sunday, October 23

complicated monoliths
built to the gods of finance
and “freedom”-brand liberty
empty lots in empty towns,
where somebody still lives, still
carves out daily existence

Saturday, October 22

ghosts of dead father lurking,
laughing that forced feigned "huh-huh",
cigarettes, cheap beer, and gas
my job was to check lightbulbs
the day the fair got set up,
told “lights is important, boy!”
Sir Chillington Loungewirth and
his immoral homies plot
their next “election” victor

Friday, October 21

industrial phalluses
impregnate pure heavens with
carcinogenic poisons
diesel rolling pens of doom -
domesticated creatures
transported between holocausts

Thursday, October 20

nothing about existence
is specifically "art"
unless you are a salesman
penishead amanita
popped out the ground by frog ponds;
crazy clouds laughed overhead
waiting for destinies which
ain't based off nothing but dumb
luck; death our only promise

Wednesday, October 19

ruler I-self victory
and equality rule - raw
healer’s supreme alphabet
lost in the dark wilderness
of America's savage
western civilization

Tuesday, October 18

double yellow reflections
in rear view mirror; double
yellow horizon pending
a Captain America
helmet hung in my dad's
shed, collecting resentment

Monday, October 17

Sunday, October 16

industrial heavyweights
tilt whole world's psychic axis
sideways thirty-three degrees
head carnival worker's name
was "Smoke" - seven years sober,
smelled like menthol cigarettes

Saturday, October 15

Mister Orangeheart geared up for
fractal chaos spiraling
from universe centered heart
glistening phallic mushroom,
penetrating sunlit woods
with astro mycology
Kehinde Wiley's stained glass
dude got some straight fucked up style
of tying his Timb laces

Friday, October 14

mushroom militias building
unseen jihad to reclaim
earth back from men for Gaia

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graffiti blossoms worldwide -
underground culture spreads out
from nothing into all things

Thursday, October 13

solitary autumnal
mimosa blossom attracts
motherfuckin’ hummingbird
satellite transmissions from
planet earth - IS ANY ONE
OUT THERE? or just increments?

Wednesday, October 12

local power plant tends to
release gas clouds at times best
to blend in with trvecloud skies
elven wizard selfie style,
reflection of ego in
camper studio window
refinement of chemicals
more important than human
right to exist in *our* world