RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition. He does have an amazing PATREON, but also *normal* ARTIST WEBSITE too.

Thursday, April 30

scratched scuffed scarred by suffering
existence, still stay smiling
because fuck it, this is it

Wednesday, April 29

river monkey-head chai drunk
solar dome recalibrates
universal energies

Tuesday, April 28

sunshine always brighter than
rusted barbs holding self still - 
bitches ain’t shit (we the bitch)

Monday, April 27

wireless psychic chain tendrils
creepy crawl through consciousness,
reclaiming what wasn’t theres

Sunday, April 26

Saturday, April 25

Friday, April 24

Thursday, April 23

the weakest link in any
chain is most likely the chain
itself, as it’s made by men

Wednesday, April 22

dullard southside virginia
back road black-and-white life got
colored up by ol’ lady


#1: Andre the Buddha’s/ginormous hand barely grasps/life’s enormity
#2: Andre the Buddha/holds six sexual senses/across outstretched arms
#3: Andre - soft-spoken/earthly wonder who knew well/this world’s killer con
#4: no one bodyslams/suffered existence fully/ - much less gets three count
#5: Fezzik said “people/in masks cannot be trusted”/ - masks smile all around
#6: Buddha’s large belly/still smaller than our endless/appetite for “things”
#7: whether good or bad/Andre transcended common/earth dualities
#8: legend said Andre/could drink all life’s sensory/pleasures & still stand
#9: indulgence concepts/hulked up worldwide, thus Andre/the Buddha left us
#10: his ashes scattered/beneath North Carolina/garden temple spot

Tuesday, April 21

remnants still turn up from earth
where we used to keep pigs; too
close to human for my taste

Monday, April 20

Sunday, April 19

Saturday, April 18

Friday, April 17

same sky sheltered ancestors
from lizard cyborg attacks
like twelve thousand years ago

Thursday, April 16

Wednesday, April 15

name-brand work boots secondhand,
most days spent watching minute
hand crawl through molasses muck

Tuesday, April 14

Monday, April 13


#1: politics of trash/your opinions are worthless/because of your birth
#2: gentrified arts scenes/seen by collectors mostly/museums sometimes
#3: to be “discovered”/ - as if you didn’t exist/before they saw you
#4: to be “successful”/ - as if kickbacks justify/compromising self
#5: to be “resistant”/ - as if paralyzed by fear/was a conscious act
#6: trusting crowd-funded/trust-fundamental thinking/calling it support
#7: to be “supported”/ - as if held up for profit/is a positive
#8: to be “respected”/ - as if bigheads thinking you’re/worthwhile is worthwhile
#9: to be “remembered”/ - as if obscurity means/something lacks value
#10: ugly nobodies/make the world more beautiful/ev'ry fucking day
spring dragstrips roar back to life,
back roads bodhisattvas bring
beautiful beasts out to shine

Sunday, April 12

Saturday, April 11

oh ancient motherfuckin'
stones - share your deeply-concealed
secrets from center of earth

Friday, April 10

Thursday, April 9

Wednesday, April 8

bare hands got no consciousness,
senseless grasping at random
bullshit that shines with promise

Friday, April 3

worn out racing slicks from dead
uncles passed get strapped onto
stubborn goats as grazing stakes


#1: naked yoni hair/triggered by strong clitoris/AR-15 blast
#2: hamstring scars plus ass/tattoos that wiggle with thrust/like heat distortion
#3: thicker the berry/the deeper the juices go/ - you know what I mean?
#4: alpha male madness/will overruled - omega/womb won’t be denied
#5: what the fuck I say?/peacock brain flaunting despite/shiva’s stomping feet
#6: the world’s heart is fire/lava-blood flows, congeals as/stone once hits space
#7: motherfuckin’ fire/sterilizes purifies/against “pure” blood lies
#8: bitches with riches/gentrify destiny by/manifesting will
#9: will you or won’t you?/you a cog or you a frog?/make big splash go boom
#10: erection blossoms/spring time earth fire flows go bloom/go boom be naked

Thursday, April 2

spring scatters pink dust of fresh
hope, blossoming potential
new harvests of survival

Wednesday, April 1

heart is a most underground
muscle, concealing true strength
behind facade of soft flesh