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Monday, March 13

Wrestling Tanka - Set Seven

[Honky Tonk Man]
Punk Rock Wayne Ferris -
most dramatic change was to
a bitter old coot.

Could've been Jerry Lee to
Lawler's Elvis, but fell short.
[Nature Boy Jesus Christ]
The mantle of bleach
blonde tresses is a crown of
genius carny thorns.

Blade job stigmata is the
essence of wrestling's real soul.
[Video Package]
"The Anvil Chorus"
made for perfect videos
for Link and Sweetan.

Verdi's strings accented the
head-first dives and piledrivers.
The greatest moment
of impact - one inch before
the legdrop connects.

A cacophony of marks
drowns out the one, two, three slaps.
Mike Jackson's stubble
on the back of your neck as
the sleeper takes hold...

Eyelids shut, hearing the bell
ring, the crowd cheering calmly.
[Cauliflower Alley Cats #2]
Many workers die old
and alone, blankets spread on
arthritic kneecaps.

Gimmick plaques balanced on the
mantle, waiting to be hung.
[Cowboy Heels]
Black Bart chose to buy
a new duster instead of
resoling his boots.

An outlaw has an image
to uphold - wild long hair helped.

Death Valley Driver Video Review #155 Hype!

DVDVR #155
Another DVDVR out, with a highly disturbing cover. Only thing I did was meander my way through an old Smoky Mountain Wrestling show. Some very good shit in this issue though.