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Tuesday, May 31

The Confederate Mack - Issue 47 Hype

The Confederate Mack is a zine I've done for longer than I've been a responsible adult. Content listings for this issue are below. Available for $3.50 thru per copy thru paypal (raven mack @ earth link . net, minus the spaces) or $3.00 thru mail (PO Box 569 Scottsville, VA 24590, preferably cleverly concealed cash, but money orders are cool, made to S. Stone).

Dear Friend - a letter to you, my friend, about me and talking with this dude called Wirehead while walking the railroad tracks.
Cookin' At The Compound - an updated pickled beet egg recipe for you to throw in a big pickle jar in the back of your refrigerator.
Redneck Ninja: Sicodelico Mask Lesson - Redneck ninjas are the kids I train in the art of eluding whatever we need to elude to keep our freedom. This particular lesson involves acid and a broken mirror.
Working Man 12/Yankeefied Bossman 13 List - an tangently-explained list of things I find good and bad in my current life, whether pop culture or tangibly in my face.
El Seis-Pack Del Primero Diezes - top ten lists about: longest ruling heads of state still living, things I wish I could say I wrote, albums that were #1 earliest in my life that I own manufactured copies of, albums that were #1 most recently that I own manufactured copies of, ways to make country music better, and ways to make my compound better.
Lounge Fatwa #44 (the first) - further explanations on the philosophy of lounge.
Preacherman Talkin' On The TV - going to a dude named Pug's funeral, and the thoughts on how full of shit we are about death when we get our version of "god" too much in our head.
Domestic Bonus Leftover Top Tens - top ten lists about: musically-inclined people I'd throw in a dungeon, customized NFL jerseys I'd get based on playing Madden football, and conspiratorial storylines bugging my paranoid mind.

Each issue is 40 pages, has more word content than any magazine you waste your time with, and will probably make you laugh, but may just make you angry, potentially with me.