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Wednesday, January 31

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number thirteen "bad to the bone"

of course Your Ol’ Droog is the Big Lots Nas for Williamsburg Brooklyn tinkersmith hackerspace *working* class types WITH AUTHENTIC WORKING CLASS ROOTS LIKE A GRANDFATHER WHO OWNED A FARM to be cool with. it pairs well with the Action Bronson Big Lots Ghostface model. [plz note: I don’t diss either of these acts necessarily, as obviously I am listening to Your Ol’ Droog if he shows up here, and it’s hard to really find too much fault with Action Bronson because he seems to just genuinely be enjoying himself, although then again I almost typed it as “AB” which could mean Aryan Brotherhood too so mb this whole slew of clever sort of sounds like rappers is a giant White Supremacist conspiracy to funnel hip hop into a darker direction.] [obviously I just used “darker” in terms of psycho social implications, not skin tone; plz update your stereotypical frame of references accordingly]


angelic drawing blesses
me in passing, wasting time
behind the Greyhound station

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number twelve "mercyful fate"

Not sure how I feel about Vinnie Paz/Ill Bill heavy metal themed rap project. Vinnie Paz always occupies this psychic territory for me that I’m like really into it, but also highly skeptical at the same time. So for now, I have been enjoying some of the Heavy Metal Kings library, because I too am a hip hop head with dirtweed metalhead juvenile delinquency roots, but I don’t know man, I just don’t know. I might disavow this shit at any point.
Still though, sick video. Any time King Diamond and hip hop come together I will at least arbitrarily be like “oh okay cool.” We got two cats a while back, one yellow from the shelter, as requested by my fam, but I also got this little all black runt kitten because I was like “damn, ain’t nobody gonna take that fucked up little runt ass black cat with the splotchy hair and shit.” I wanted to name him King Diamond. This was nixed by my household because I am the only former metalhead there. So instead I named him Lounger, and as a kitten he slept on top of LPs in a crate and now he kills all the fuckin’ mice, which is a benefit in an old farmhouse like the one we try to call home. Anyways, he kills so much shit because he’s supposed to be named King Diamond. Also he is a cat. Cats are murderous as fuck.


just a lonely country boy,
wandering the riverside,
searching for fertile crescents

Tuesday, January 30

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number eleven "ringing bells"

You get a lot of light quickly
He sent the air this world gift
They are fed with the offerings of the offerings.
There is no objective decision
You can close the roof
Microscope, exposure to the worm
Learn to eat poisoning
I show you how to spend six
The top of Risin 'Perden can hardly be seen with the naked eye
I live when I live and I go immediately
This is the eastern part of New York, Brooklyn.
Do you want Bang Beat Ass, Glamorous Techniques?
In the middle of the shoulder we spray Swingin spray
Just a moment in Prom Night
We believe in having a dial
We give you the biggest prayer
Each sentence is a timeline that you can define
How to make a hero game and a relative story
'Time Out', with a strong voice, "I'm black and I'm proud"
For "Crack Fucking" for all kinds of suspicions
My Nation - Chapels and Chasin Reports'
For the degree of God
Each MC guarantees that the Steppin is in place.
I wrote a red one in my head
For the blood of all my people
For this reason, the microphones broke too fast.

[verse 1, ran thru google translate, English to Persian, Persian to Turkish, Turkish to Welsh, Welsh to Spanish, Spanish to English]

L4T3 M0D3L 3LD0R4D0...

late model Eldorado
on chrome rims fantasies, but
born to a Hot Wheels budget

Monday, January 29


wandering through meaningless
places, disengaging from
passing faces, headed nowhere


Weeds consume incomplete concrete inhumane grid 
deigned to keep the peace through orderly division 
of paths, but police can't keep track all they forebid, 
so manifestation of wild folk envision 

autonomous spots along the larger margins, 
encouraging a revolution hid inside 
shadows, without asking, without begging pardons, 
without pretending system isn't denied 

freedom as legal procedure. Fuck cops, fuck laws - 
at least those designed by fallible people who 
succumb to their own corruption easily. Flaws 
in the wild are natural and perfect - chop/screw 

back notion that nations somehow are anything 
but post-feudal bullshit which makes the wealthy king. 

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number ten "el regreso del chapo"

Chapo about to go to trial & I can’t say I glamorize him like some folks do
bc post-modern Robin Hoods built off drug sales
carry a lot of collateral damage
(which ain’t even collateral tbh)
but I do appreciate
narco-inspired t-shirts from the flea market
a sign of not gentrified just yet is the flea market
if it’s a real live flea market
with cayenne mango & a machete man stand
& bootleg futbol jerseys
(a thousand shades of Barcelona)

plz don’t have a pretend flea market
in the gentrified art part & pretend
it is like ppl surviving the struggle
just admit your pretend flea market
is struggle cosplay
the affluent acting as if money is a concern
& that their enabled art is some sort of hustle
I am offended by the glamorization
of tinkersmith makerspacing legitimized
(& generally funded or at least safety netted) artz
more than Robin Hood drug lord myths

I am offended by inequality
so I guess ppl who come from the wrong end of the pyramid
and gold-plated el cuerno de chivo gun their way to the top
do make me happy inside (just a little)
but I’d rather the whole fuckin’ thing

fall apart

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number nine "nothing"

Back in the day, I didn’t get into Townes Van Zandt a whole lot, because of the too hip know-it-all shineface types that was hyping him to me through the smoke and blurs. Contrarianism will deny you some good shit sometimes. Luckily for myself, I came around, and though shitty Townes Van Zandt is really shitty (which is to be expected of artists steeped in addiction tbh), the good TVZ is some of the most solid psychic shit. “Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold” for example has manifested in my life into an entire outlaw jack of diamonds philosophy.
Wino I never didn’t get into but I did overlook for a while, because his dirtweed metalhead stage of public greatness (albeit along the margins… always choose marginalization as my man T-2 Billion said) came later than my retirement from teen dirtweed metalhead and I had moved onto whatever I was onto next in my stumbling path of personal growth from white trash to dirtgod. But Wino has never not been great to some extent (despite being steeped in addiction).
Many metalheads and punks when aging go the acoustic route as an artistic contrarian act, and much of it is super-pretentious and unnecessary. It’s basically “hahaha this guy used to scream about crazy shit and now he’s singing softly about crazy shit, isn’t this great?” No, much of the time it is not. In fact, this song is off an album of that type of shit by three dudes. The other two guys (don't even know who they are, some sort of punks or metalheads or some shit) are mostly throwaway tracks.
Such is not the case with Wino though. His acoustic catalog now rivals his old shit in pure hugeness of amazement. So of course if you throw a TVZ song into the Wino garble acoustic flim-flam process, it’s likely to be great. Guess what? It is. Last I heard about Wino he got busted in Scandinavia for possession of crystal meth while on tour, which means he's still balancing the addict/artist process. That's a fine line to walk, and I don't condemn anyone for doing it because the world needs arts born from addictions to escape the horrible pain that is existence. That shit will eat you up (either the art side or addiction side) so metapsychic daps to Wino for having successfully navigated that madness for so long.


electromagnetic fields
gone to seed one disabled
transmission line at a time

Sunday, January 28

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 14: TAKAYASU (11-3)

[Takayasu ends Kakuryu's pride] 

by rule only one 
tanka per rikishi per 
basho… that’s the rule 

but if ever I was to 
rethink this, it was today 

Tochinoshin’s run 
through New Year’s basho has been 
an absolute joy 

multiple bouts he’s had to 
stay intensely persistent 

against Shohozan, 
he looked understandably 
nervous going in 

never champion, runner-up 
three times over his career 

this bout gave drama… 
Shohozan appeared to have 
early advantage 

Tochinoshin not able 
get belt to overpower 

Shohozan had him 
pushed backwards at edge briefly; 
the Georgian stayed put 

Tochinoshin recovered, 
and attained his destiny 

Shohozan out the 
ring, Tochinoshin showered 
with cheers from the crowd 

at night’s end, the main event 
saw Kakuryu showcase 

the yokozuna 
did not give up, facing off 
thick Takayasu 

ozeki Takayasu, 
quietly still dominant 

Kakuryu held 
center dohyo, hoping to 
maintain his aura 

then almost as if possessed, 
Takayasu exploded 

our yokozuna - 
the last one remaining, was 
left in lump ringside 

Takayasu stood tall (while 
Tochinoshin stood taller) 

[Tochinoshin's victory to seal his title] 

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 13: MITAKEUMI (8-5)

[a gif, built off sumo] 

the sumo basho 
has wound down and I’m still three 
days back - such is life 

at this point, on day thirteen 
two men still could’ve won it 

lone yokozuna 
Kakuryu though, started 
to lose his control 

two losses in a row as 
he stared at Mitakeumi 

Mitakeumi was 
one win from kachikoshi 
as sekiwake 

ahh Mitakeumi… the young gun 
having to adjust his game 

makuuchi is 
not juryo; there are fewer 
weak ass opponents 

against Kakuryu, he 
showed that young atomic burst 

Kakuryu seemed 
stifled by some psychology 
which has hobbled him 

13 and 0 was easy; 
after that, don’t fuckin’ know 

Mitakeumi took 
control straight away, bossing 
his yokozuna 

Kakuryu defeated, 
basho was Tochinoshin’s 

props Mitakeumi - 
you conquered an overlord, 
getting your name up 

with so few yokozuna 
left, young lions are needed

[the full match] 


assorted flags flown for no 
reason shredded by weather; 
searching ebay for more flag 

Thursday, January 25

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 12: YOSHIKAZE (4-8)

as Hatsu Basho 
thrusts into third final weekend, 
there’s so much drama 

the sole yokozuna left 
Kakuryu took second loss 

Tochinoshin the 
Georgian ox survived again, 
another tough bout 

Tamawashi palm choke pushed, 
then slapped the fuck out of him 

Tochinoshin though 
persevered, and again brute 
strengthed at dohyo’s edge 

now the Georgian sits alone 
atop standings, three days left 

but for purposes 
of this project, the highlight 
of today was clear 

Ichinojo has become 
a wild sumo godzilla 

across the way was 
Yoshikaze, clutching at 
top maegashira 

a loss meant makekoshi, 
simple math of fifteen bouts 

more wins than losses 
means one moves up higher on 
the banzuke scroll 

but more losses than wins goes 
the opposite direction 

Yoshikaze came 
in at seven losses - the 
math very simple 

staring at Ichinojo, 
contemplating their futures 

four days left - four wins 
would secure stability 
for Yoshikaze 

but Ichinojo’s become 
a monster of sorts lately 

Yoshikaze’s fists 
touch clay, he waits, and then his 
opponent follows 

both men come out of thick squat, 
whole worlds trained to thrust forward 

Yoshikaze meets 
man mountain Ichinojo - 
thick palm thrusting throat 

Yoshikaze leans backwards, 
held in moment like puppet 

Ichinojo heaves 
cellular energies 
forward with more thrust 

Yoshikaze’s toppled like 
temple rotten with termites 

flattened against earth 
clay as ceremonial 
sumo battlefield 

Yoshikaze looked up as 
makekoshi truths pushed down 

another basho 
in two months with another 
fresh banzuke scroll 

Yoshikaze’s name will be 
lower, perhaps smaller too 

[the full match, with ceremony]

JJ Krupert Jan 2018 number eight "pride"

I got no pride left, fuck off as much as I can because fucking off makes the HARD PAUSE of regular life not feel so hard. Fucking Off > Hard Pause but neither is truly living. Should be getting swoke (woke+swole) doing 69 lb kettle bell swings buck naked in a creek in the woods, stacking the quartz that got pushed up by frozen earth into new formations of cryptic currents see, settling into full-on Futura Kaczynski mode. Raven of 1000 aliases morphed into Raven of a thousand feathers, and each feather is a part of the whole, to help circumnavigate this existence. Futura Kaczynski mode is about a hopeful future closer to primordial origins. There’s no pride in that – pride is a vanity which confuses the heart and causes many of us to get caught up in consumerism and the devil identity politics woven deeply into capital’s copper tendrils choking the fuck out of all us. If you’ve ever seen the Lower Depths by Kurosawa, there’s a part where all the flophouse drunks are gambling and singing some insane song, and the insane actors from 1950s Japan playing the insane characters are doing some insane things all at once, except nothing insane about it at all… made perfect aural sense. That’s Futura Kaczynski style.

Of course this post ends up having nothing to do with Kendrick Lamar. That’s original Raven style – never write about what you’re writing about. Damn.


just another day loungin'
on the beech, tiny shadow
dweller green with resistance

Wednesday, January 24

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 11: SHOHOZAN (7-4)

[maegashire E2 level gif]

the reasons to gif 
and spread this broken headed 
digital culture 

the reasons to watch sumo 
from other side of flat earth 

fractured geniuses 
make illegitimate artz 
from life detritus 

peace to Shohozan on left 
who actually won, brvh 

[oh here is Tochinoshin vs. Takarufuji, 
which you should watch]

Hatsu Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day 10: ICHINOJO (6-4)


Ichinojo and 
Takakeisho had epic 
day ten sumo bout 

but mostly this is about 
Takakeisho’s final bump 

an excuse to make 
sumo gif of destruction 
that says BIG BOY BUMP 

R.I.P. Takakeisho… 
not komusubi for long 

[the full match in case you'd like to see,
which you should]