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Friday, May 23

Football Metaphysics: World Cup 2014

World Cup news is starting to fill up our ridiculously overdramatic digital news cycle. We're only a few weeks away from one of the earth's hugest sporting events, and one that is - more now than ever - receiving a good amount of attention for the negatives, for the corruption of FIFA in awarding future World Cups, for the resources dedicated to an event like this that might better be spent on things for the people that live in a place instead of those that fly in briefly and blow money, but mostly for excitement for the motherfuckin' games.
I spent a lot of time the past six months, compiling information, researching weird shit, and writing up a full-on wild style preview of this event, from my normal off-kilter perspective (talking about "spirit warriors" and "poetic souls" and rooting for some teams and hoping for economic collapse of society at other times). It's an amazing book, and if you were going to spend some money on World Cup shit, I would hope this would be on your list. In fact, here is a video commercial I made for this book...
As you can see, I am a traffic cone of enlightened degeneracy. Football Metaphysics is one thousand feathers style, speaking in tongues the devil can't understand. What that means is even if you hate sports and don't like soccer, you'll probably enjoy this book. It also means if you're a regular douchebag asshole who thinks crap like Jim Rome or Deadspin is funny or that Grantland is super-intelligent, then you may not dig this. Like at all. But whatever, this is a great book, and it'll be a great book whether you see it or not.
I have set up my big cartel page to now offer signed copies of this book (as well as my previous ones), and I'll inscribe a haiku about whatever country you're pulling for too. Here is the
WORKINGMAN BOOKS shop That's getting direct from me, which means it benefits and supports me more than other outlets. If you want to buy online instead, and don't trust me (understandable... look at me), you can get the book physically here and electronically here. And of course, like everything else on earth, you can get it from Amazon, and that's probably most familiar to most people, but it also supports me the least, though I'd prefer you buy it there than not buy it all.
Now, here are pictures of three versions of Raven Mack book...
Football Metaphysics: World Cup 2014
Vehicular Tankacide
Beerbox Haiku
That's my writing studio. It was a tipi but a haarp beam derecho super cell destroyed the covering so then it was just tipi poles. I put a glass table and some milk crates in there to chill, and then a weight bench, and then have been covering it with flags. It's the best writing studio I've ever had. I am currently out there "editing" two upcoming projects by "other" authors which I hope to have out this summer.
And fuck it, if you've read this far you must give a fuck, so let me just say, it's a pain in the ass to try and make people aware these things exist. That's why traditional publishing has an advantage over self-publishing. Nobody gives a fuck if you keep telling them, "Hey, look at my wacky video," "Hey, look at this stupid thing about my book I did that I've been talking about and you haven't cared yet and might not ever care, wow, aren't I annoying the fuck out of you by still talking about it?" I recognize that. I'm not going to tell you how I think other things might not be as great out there, disparage kickstarters or actual accepted writers. But I know what I'm doing is real as fuck, and good too. This Football Metaphysics book is an entertaining and informative read about the World Cup. And it's crazy as fuck too. The Vehicular Tankacide book I put out this past spring is an amazing book of poetry. Not just "some guy's book" amazing, but I put it right there with anything released by any book people in terms of poetry. That doesn't necessarily mean people care.
If you've read down here, and you do care, I appreciate it. There's a core group that has grown over the years that has supported me and all me endeavors, and I recognize you and appreciate you, and I think I've shown to most of you I've interacted with how loyal a person I am. And honestly, I guess that's more important to me than all the people who don't know I exist, or see it and don't even give half a fuck. So fuck bitching, thank you. Let's break bread in real life sometime soon.

Monday, May 12

Football Metaphysics: World Cup 2014 book now available

The above is the ill ass cover to my new book called Football Metaphysics which is a preview of the upcoming World Cup. Rather than be some nerd ass number-oriented sports mark book though, it dabbles in the art of metaphysics, talking upon spirit warriors, and poetic souls of each of the 32 nations involved in this summer's tournament in Brazil, as well as highlighting important characters on the actual teams. Of course, it being metaphysics, I sat riverside and consulted with my ancient catfish oracle to deduce who stands top chances of winning thangs in Brazil as well. It's a good ass read, geared towards those who perhaps are not still believers in the kayfabe of western civilization, and perhaps inclined to burn shit down just to see what color the fire makes. Or not.
You can get your robot machine digital versions (Kindle, Sony reader, iPhone shit, all them robot shits) at
You can also get a physical, beautiful, inky print version with soft cover but hard ass beautiful insides at
FOOTBALL METAPHYSICS createspace page.
And of course both kindle and print versions are available at my Amazon page in the right sidebar (click on the cover), but I get more scrilla off the two above links than through Amazon. However, I know how shit is, you only buy from reputable (meaning what you recognize) places, so whatever. I'm just happy if you buy a copy.
This is the only information you'll need to prep you for the World Cup. And it's Workingman Books aka Raven Mack aka 1000 Feathers so when you read it, you know you'll be like wtf, but also laugh, but also learn, because it's that classic nonsense gibberish that says so much without saying anything. Or something.