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Saturday, July 15

new book - LOOKIN' FOR A HOME

I released a new book a few weeks back called Lookin' For A Home, which is a selection of haiku I wrote over the course of 4-5 years on my patreon. These are the best of that patreon process, so it's an insight into my life from right after moving out of the house I'd had as a part of marriage for two decades, up through finding the house I'm currently blessed with in Schuyler, Virginia. Upon being accepted by this house, I realized it was the first time in my life I'd ever actually felt at home, in my entire life. That was a strange realization, but a good one to be on the positive end of it. I'm very proud of this book, as it's great insight into Southern Gothicc Futurism, life in the rural south, during the digital age, and growing older while trying to fight the doom settling into your bones as the failure demons circle.

You can buy it at Amazon, or from me in person at haiku slams or other Southern Gothicc Futurist events.

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