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Tuesday, April 10

The J.J. Krupert April 2012

First edition of The J.J. Krupert (April 2012), which is the old J.J. Krupert format but condensed into a single entity that can be gotten freely for your preferred e-reader or just a simple ass pdf to bust open on your computer like the olden days of fucking off on the internet. This is the first one, and my first e-publishing experience, so give us a couple months to get our feet under us and come with the for-real crazy shit. Still though, 12000 words of at least entertaining reading for that ass, at the link below...
The J.J. Krupert April 2012

Thursday, April 5


another day, another passing freight train
another button-up shirt that's got me choking with shame
another day pretending that Charles is my name
I guess it's all part of playing the game

can't wait for America to crumble though