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Tuesday, January 15

SONG OF THE DAY: Black Woman Experience

No commentary today, just music.


fingerprint of my vision
embedded in each image -
unexplainable beauty

Sunday, January 13

4N0TH3R C4M3R4 BR0K3...

another camera broke,
limping through my artistic
processes with poor swagger

SONG OF THE DAY: Don't Believe the Hype

Progress is always hyped up as a bold new step towards the collective Sisyphian ascent to peak humanity. It’s a fucking myth. Stop thinking you can reform or amend or fix this shit. Return to the source. Fuck all future bosses, fuck people who think electing the right people somehow fixes a wrong way of existing. The political boils that have appeared on the superficial face of our existence in such ugly ways go way deeper than the surface. You can’t apply some blue or even green ointment and be healed.
And yet, we are not doomed. I mean, many of us individually might be, but as a whole, we are never doomed. Even if we do nothing, and 90% of the human population is obliterated a three-decade disaster epoch, gonna be some hearty/hardy souls still stumbling around, stacking rocks into altars and building shelter from the storms together. La ilaha illallah, thirty three times in a row, for eternity.

Thursday, January 10

SONG OF THE DAY: Wow Freestyle

Sadly I go by a method of having listened to this shit on my stupid car ipod (an old iphone converted to music only), and I’m still a few months behind on these because I don’t owe the internet shit at this point. I move at my own speed. But then fucking Obama put this song on his year end Best of list, so I feel corny as fuck still posting it up. But to not put it up would simply be an act of contrarianism against self, which tbh I’m not above doing. Fuck all presidents, even the alleged good ones. Nobody good ends up being a president.


up-and-down excursions with
an unbalanced perspective -
"it's all good" I tell myself

Wednesday, January 9


harvesting wild railroad spikes
to carve my southern gothic
futurist haiku upon


My children tolerate Drake, and in fact think he’s a good rapper. This has always bothered me, but you know, when you’re old and talk about how wack shit y’all kids be listening to is wack shit, the kids just roll their eyes inside their heart and consider you irrelevant. That’s why when “Adidon” came out, it was a wonderful talking point to have a teaching moment that my daughters could understand, that Drake actually was horrible, because he didn’t take care of his child. And it briefly worked, for a split second, because all my daughters are woke at least to internet levels (which I think is a prerequisite for being adolescent now), but then I went too far. I started talking about how Pusha T was from Virginia, and tbh they didn’t give a fuck about Pusha T. I think that’s the disconnect there – that Drake fans don’t give a fuck about Pusha T, and never will. It’s like telling someone in Arizona there’s bad traffic in southern California. So? We get so caught up as hip hop fans in the realest real of hip hop being real and property recognized as authentically real, we forget that the fucking world is manufactured and plastic and even realness looks fake to most people. And also something that was real ten years ago which is no longer as grimy and gritty as it once was can position itself against something fake and plastic and seem real. A shitty knife cuts through plastic doll. And I think that’s where I ended up with the Pusha T/Drake manufactured beef – that it was embarrassing for Pusha T to even be involved. Still though, the song is funny as fuck because it was legit diss song for once, not just posturing. Drake is still on pop radio, and somehow Rap-a-Lot Records makes money off this, which does sort of please me, that somehow J Prince is record industry Mafioso now. But that also disappoints me because he did that off of the Geto Boys, and the executives always end up wealthy while the artists end up never as wealthy and often broke. Lolol fuck everything, y’all.


tarp stretched over top rusting
muscle car, like thicc human
answering door in bathrobe

Tuesday, January 8


subjective reality
forever challenging my
views about what's real or not

SONG OF THE DAY: Long Live Palestine


Palestine has an active hip hop movement, and in fact hip hop has been part and parcel of Palestinian resistance for a while. My eldest offspring keeps me posted on this shit, and though this Lowkey song is known on the internet, apparently the version featuring DAM and other Palestinian artists was bigger for the people, because despite blockades and lack of movement for people to and from Palestine, there was a performance of this song where the people physically in Palestine performed on a stage there, with those outside as part of the worldwide diaspora. As fucked up as the internet is, as a whole, it still has those little glimmers of connecting us. In fact, I’d say that’s why the internet got fucked up, because it did connect people, outside of the mainstream, so the mainstream worked to re-corral everything. Whereas everybody had their own fucked up little websites back in the day, everything is filtered through search engine and social media algorithms now, and you and I as regular people don’t have the same access to how the algorithm works as those with the money to gain access. Internet is still a mycelium though, not a machine, and though the algorithms are worked, that shit breaks eventually. The underground tendrils will always remain once the superficial layer up top is scraped away.