RAVEN MACK is a mystic poet-philosopher-artist of the Greater Appalachian unorthodox tradition. He does have an amazing PATREON, but also *normal* ARTIST WEBSITE too.

Tuesday, February 27

1N M3M0RY 0F D1RTG0D...

"In Memory of Dirtgod"
various bench plaques will one
day read, if I did it right

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number eleven "when the shit hits the fan"

[an '80s classic, when all this political chaos people think is brand new was happening before; an early classic of folk punk?] 

In other direction right quick with outside wit, 
trying to somehow thrive during these end-ish times, 
though “end” is self-centered Earth dominion bullshit, 
since Earth shall still exist once industrial crimes 
claim their “civilized” victim - people; anyways, 
the newly broke is suddenly woke as if Trump 
is aberration and not just symptom; this phase 
been happening since the ‘80s - Earth turned to dump, 
capital prophets entrusted with nations’ keys, 
unchecked as system, imbalanced psychology 
of eternal expansion of production… please, 
free market forever is death mythology 
boring into all lives; devil math’s greatest trick - 

keep middle fingers wiggling in ev’ry loose brick. 

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number ten "sjb's"

[love trash music when slowed down, 
like fried fish for the eardrums] 

Skidding along outskirts, laughing with lunar tic, 
serotonin on the mind, inclined to unwind 
along back roads I’ve never known before, brain thick 
with wanderlust, plus regular lust, try to find 
divine path down dirt roads paved but been forgotten; 
that’s fine… in shadows, margins, and fringes, folks can 
still cultivate loungin’ lives while world’s gone rotten, 
but fuck it… enjoy life better with lesser plan, 
avoiding downpressor man, living off the phat 
of the nether lands; dirtgod is back roads by birth, 
feel more at ease where the shine is gone; y’all chase that 
blood diamond polish, I’m good griming back to Earth, 
tripping along this wayward path, ready to split 
in other direction right quick with outside wit. 

Monday, February 26


discarded spray paint t-shirts
which sat on side porch for months,
bright colors slowly mildewed

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number nine "outskirts of life"

[GG Allin acoustic spectrum 
on repeat when around too much 
fake shit, which I seem to be, 
perhaps mistakes made 
in path trusted, but fuck it] 

The easiest way to get free is to just git, 
always choose the margins - I don't even write real 
poetry or do real art, just simplified shit 
unrefined thus never "fine" nor found; but genteel 
shine is pyrite promise, I'd rather pirate away days 
looking lazy and out of place beyond good grace 
of inside system's so-called safe space; y'all give praise 
to a Freedom that's brand-name only, which shineface 
voting bases both right and left still slurping; I'd 
rather not become absorbed by or with facade 
of exceptional life realized (lies), steering wide 
of y'all's beaten path of devil math; it's dirtgod 
jihad, internal/external, freebird mystic 
skidding along outskirts, laughing with lunar tic. 

M1X3D 0VR G3N3T1CS, M1X3D 0VR...

mixed our genetics, mixed our
records, mixed our books; gotta
figure out splitting it up

Sunday, February 25

Saturday, February 24

Friday, February 23

F00L1SH P1R4T3 0F PYR1T3...

foolish pirate of pyrite,
accumulating trinkets
of dazzling impermanence

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number eight "bozo texino (get live)"

[one of my own fuckin' songs, which feels stupid, 
but I synced up some bozo texino doc 
to the track and it's nice; 
been working on new shit musically, 
some of it I like 
some of it I don't... 
nature of the creator]

Getting real freedom means letting go what you clutch, 
don't give a fuck about much too superficial, 
with the metaphysical try to stay in touch, 
man is judgemental but universe judicial; 
and quick to straighten shit out; underneath crows' prose 
beside James River flows I compose cryptic marks 
upon industrial carcasses where freight slows 
to stop, where dirtgod heart makes ripples and sparks 
which spiral wherever - no plan, just man compelled 
beyond control to explode with creation; 
despite power grid imposed, big bang's still upheld 
by getting live, cultivating constellation 
of self-science and arts to guide self through this shit - 
the easiest way to get free is to just git. 


kettlebell swings, Hindu squats,
up the hill in the field sprints,
plus cubicled lethargy

Thursday, February 22

Wednesday, February 21

Tuesday, February 20


them devil dudes' grids not built
for survival, just profit;
when it goes dark, we begin

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number seven "payaso"

[y'all fuck with Tego? 
you should.] 

Returning to the mud, getting lost in the weeds; 
soy un payaso estupido por creer 
en la meritocracia; forced english feeds 
perpetuate clown thought - necesito leer 
mas Galeano, mas Vasconcelos, plantar 
pensamientos de raza cosmica en 
mi cabeza (y mi corazon), levantar 
filosofias de Sumak Kawsay; and then 
once payaso del diablo blanco conquest 
of false progress utopian thinking's been hacked 
with metaphysical machete, achieve blessed 
state of less stress, less mess, plus more natural fact
simplicity as universal good life touch, 
getting real freedom means letting go what you clutch. 

04K TR33 4RTS PH1L0S0PHY...

oak tree arts philosophy -
scatter bullshit every
direction, don't give a fuck

Monday, February 19

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number six "winter in america"

[any time you see a Gil Scott-Heron 
dusty vinyl long-player jam 
with Brian Jackson, 
it's a guaranteed classic; 
this song so fuckin' great 
and so fuckin' still relevant, 
we seem stuck] 

As possible, attempting to feel real world's touch, 
on this continent named America despite 
pre-Columbian presence lacking western clutch 
desperate for wealth; the Earth can always make right 
what's gone wrong, don't let fear entirely commandeer 
all probable futures - truly exceptional 
checks and balances super natural, austere 
to dominion-minded brain, forcing sectional 
thinking where holistic existed; Land of Free 
press release and advance publicity lacking 
in substance to back the hype; back to simple me, 
attempting to live more (less) simply as can be 
in overpolished world with myriad of greeds, 
returning to the mud, getting lost in the weeds. 

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number five "excellent"

[couldn't really find full version of Princess Nokia's "Excellent" song, which had me contemplating uploading it, but then I wondered if maybe she didn't cease & desist all the copies of it online because maybe she doesn't like it; why should I force it back into the internet if that's the case; also the only video that does show up is this one with her nieces, and knowing little girls with house full of daughters, I could imagine her nieces being like "what if we could be famous on youtube?" and then Nokia was like "okay, let's put this video of y'all up on youtube and I'll make it so that's the only version of the video that shows up" and then that's what happened and the views keep going up and those nieces are stoked; who am I to deny that either? so I'm just running with this video even though it doesn't fit my desires as a dumbass person with a website project about music every month, what the fuck do I matter?]

Because the gridlock's plots don't address my real needs, 
ambitions and accolades practiced from within, 
cheffin' in the kitchen, always cooking with weeds, 
calculate with intuition, guts without sin 
because that gut flora morality goes deep, 
goes ancient, goes excellent, goes ever-present; 
it's never pleasant to separate toxic seep 
into my conscience from poison culture; peasant 
beginnings within this pyramid scam, yet no 
doubt, still blessed with privilege at the same damn time; 
my future likely robotic, with pharma flow 
forced into bloodstream if I let them; dirtgod grime 
resists shineface power structures applied as much
as possible, attempting to feel real world's touch. 


running extension cords from
front porch outlet to camper
in field eighth of mile away

Sunday, February 18

Saturday, February 17

Thursday, February 15


stencil my best poetry
on exposed river rocks while
river has drought condition

25-Man Metaphysical Roster: Leicester City F.C.

[retro drunk Vardy]

[25-Man Metaphysical Roster is a football dork methodology meant to establish a listing of players who have been most active for English Premier League teams in their past 100 non-friendly matches. Essentially, it is calculated by minutes played, but weighted towards most recent games. The end result is a listing of the 25 players in a team’s recent history who have had the largest hand on their metaphysical sporting trajectory. The English Premier League was chosen because it is the highest level of football played in an English speaking country, and I speak English. Also, it is what comes on TV here in the USA, where I fucking live. And yet still I should clarify I hate English, and also America. Thus maybe I hate myself. Should I not fail in maintaining my unpaid deadline, a new 25-Man Metaphysical Roster will appear on the 1st and 15th of every month.]

Leicester City went from champion to middle of the pack, which is honestly what everybody expected. They also would’ve leap-frogged another dead club who did not survive a second 25-Man treatment in Middlesbrough. No blurbs because I am catching up.

#1: Kasper Schmeichel (up from #5 last time Leicester City was 25-Manned on 15-Apr-2017)
#2: Jamie Vardy (up from #4 last time)
#3: Marc Albrighton (up from #9 last time)
#4: Riyad Mahrez (up from #8 last time)
#5: Christian Fuchs (up from #6 last time)
#6: Danny Simpson (up from #7 last time)
#7: Wilfred Ndidi (up from #16 last time)
#8: Wes Morgan (down from #2 last time)
#9: Harry Maguire (previously #9 for Hull City on 01-Mar-2017)
#10: Shinji Okazaki (same as last time)
#11: Benjamin Chilwell (up from #18 last time)
#12: Demarai Gray (up from #13 last time)
#13: Daniel Amartey (down from #12 last time)
#14: Andy King (down from #11 last time)
#15: Robert Huth (down from #1 last time)
#16: Danny Drinkwater (down from #3 last time)
#17: Vincente Iborra
#18: Islam Slimani (down from #15 last time)
#19: Yohan Benalouane (up from #21 last time)
#20: Aleksandar Dragovic
#21: Matthew James
#22: Kelechi Iheanacho
#23: N’golo Kante (down from #14 last time, also previously #6 for Chelsea on 15-Sep-2017)
#24: Ahmed Musa (down from #17 last time)
#25: Marcin Wasilewski (down from #19 last time)


dusty record collection
disorganized by last one
pulled out, stuffed into middle

Wednesday, February 14

N4K3D W1NT3R TR33 L00K1NG...

naked winter tree looking
like electromagnetic
impulse against setting sun

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number four "damn weeds"

[I'll be honest, what ppl try to convince me Sturgill Simpson is, I already got Malcolm Holcombe for, and Malcolm's not a cop] 

Getting too easily lost in consciousness stream, 
struggling for space to breath easy but trapped in place 
that don't feel like home no more; fuck it, reframe dreams 
into singlewide, take pride in natural grimeface 
existence, never one to shine with perfection, 
I'm a lounge in progress (fuck work), stacking milk crates 
too high with piecemeal second-handed possession; 
once I got spot to spread raven wings without weights 
of what really ain't, my illegitimate art 
will grow like dandelion and kudzu vine, climb 
through the cracks in concrete, extending dirtgod heart 
into larger world more fully, like fool, full-time 
around-the-clock don't stop explosion of thought weeds, 
because the gridlock's plots don't address my real needs. 

Monday, February 12

Saturday, February 10


thought mentally unstable
because would rather walk than
ride, would rather chill than strive

DVD3 1N WH1T3 3XP3D1T10N...

dude in white Expedition
lurked half block back while I walked
through not-so-great neighborhood

Friday, February 9

Thursday, February 8

Wednesday, February 7

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number three "s4m st0n3"

[DJ 1000 Featherz exclusive 45s on 33 jam! s4m st0n3 from the 7-inch collection in the white camper trailer, slowed down as far as wrong speed + 10% pitch modulation on USB turntable will allow; HOW LONG BEFORE I OPEN ONE OF THESE TABLES UP & MAKE THE THING SPIN SLOWER THRU INTERNAL SCIENTIFICS? (also, had to make my own video for this since it was a vinyl rip I did at abnormal but more appropriate speed... if you used to listen to Solaris Earth Pipeline perhaps you recognize this speed because it was used as "Trapped Inside Clouds")]

Raven Mack refraining from living life with fear, 
a voiding of addiction protocols, transplant 
poison ivy genetics into path more clear, 
not sure whether career or careen, and just can't 
seem to dream; there's a hole in daddy's life where all 
the money comes from, but gone before Monday's dawn; 
thankful the fog's lifted but struggle with this stall 
in direction lost when not reckless - broke ass spawn 
escaped hopeless perspective, but not enough stone 
in my life, too many abstractions just as bad 
as medicated blurs at making falseness known 
as truth; so I here I sit, stone cold sober dad 
struggling to do right while still holding onto dream, 
getting too easily lost in unconscious stream.