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Tuesday, October 30

a real storm

I was wondering last night if this was the storm Travis Bickle was talking about washing all the riffraff and scumfucks all away into the ocean. Wait... was Travis Bickle the Taxi Driver guy or am I getting that name mixed up with a Nascar dude?

Monday, October 29

Monday morning mantra

here I am, off to dance along my well-worn path of consumer domestication, performing tasks that are mind-numbingly stupid and unsatisfying, all so I can continue to maintain the correct order of numbers in my life. this week, I will do what I can to subvert this order, and plant the quiet seeds of destruction to the numbers, which is actually building something real. fuck you america.

Saturday, October 27

Brave New World

This already posted in its base form because I forgot to add text and crap like that so perhaps you rss fed this to your eyeballs already, except now it's gone because I changed it from what it was. Multiple times. This is the Brave New World, where what we know can be changed without us consciously knowing, and then we go back to where we thought we learned and it's different and then we have self-doubt as well as doubt of Self. Thus we become more needy and trusting upon the trick-nology.

Perhaps I'll just change this post all the time so that it is never what it was. This also opens up the possibility of me doing that to all the posts, which makes this site an even more amorphous tornado of laser chaos than it already was.

Friday, October 26

DJ Spinebreaker

I done stole a bunch of music from inside the fertile crescent valleys of the interwebs, but I still got a longer record collection than i-toons total playlist

Thursday, October 25

Wednesday, October 24

Tuesday, October 23

the rust belt

while one hood gentrifies, another dilapidates
don't turn a blind eye by pointing yourself upwardly mobile

Monday, October 22

thanks to Michael in Australia

Paypallied the money this morning, gambleraku graffiti scroll airmailed tomorrow morning. I'm bad, I'm worldwide. Gambleraku Graffiti Scrolls

"you either build or destroy, where you come from?"

in 5% Islam philosophy, 85% are lost, 5% try to civilize the lost and build, and 10% are outright destroyers who have no care about anything other than stacking quantities of finance on top of the graves of humanity. that is the western notion of civilization, though it's not civilized at all, unless you accept that civilization is a perversion, which sometimes I must admit I am almost ready to accept. but to accept that is to give up on the human potential, and knowing my own path I know every human has infinite potential inside if they can focus in on it in the appropriate ways. devils can shoot billion dollar rovers onto Mars, but you can sit spot a Mars rover into your own universe, and it ain't but one thing to realize but still it stacks taller than a billion dollars. word is bond motherfucker.

Sunday, October 21

yo, straight up here is the deal

dusted & disgusted screwed & chopped is on my headphones
Anyways, I have this new thing I am getting started. I need about $200 to make it roll, though honestly I could get by getting it rolling probably with $100. Can't tell you what it is, other than it's real, and can't promise you anything in return, other than a share of what comes from it, but if you feel like supporting the madness of the black bird mindframe, hit that paypal donation button over there on the right side. If you do make it a gift so that paypal don't be jocking our exchange of grip unnecessarily. I will tell you that the first issue of this new thing is inspired by reading Rene Guenon and his The Reign of Quantity and Signs of the Times. I am a primordial traditionalist.

Saturday, October 20

walking the shores line again

still hear the whistle and dream of climbing stairway into oblivion
been almost 2 years since I flipped the sideways 8
onto build and off destroy
but ain't no denying destruction of self is embedded
deep in my motherfuckin' bloodstream

Friday, October 19

the greatest trick facebook ever played was convincing you it didn't exist

facebook is dead, killed all three of my accounts
plus the rojonekku page, fuck that tracking bullshit
you can always do the rss feed or subscribe to this shit or catch me on the back roads
comment here if you are here, let's connect without oversight from the overlord
I still has twitters too

Thursday, October 18

Gambleraku Graffiti Scrolls

It can be difficult to transcend the physical world with your creative juju intact when you might wonder how some are successful and you are not. That is part of the struggle we each get to handle though. But I often juggle thoughts of how to feel rewarded for what it is I do, whatever that is, when it doesn’t quite fit the realm of marketability according to how our society works. But then today there was a roll of forgotten receipt printing paper on top of the gas pump.
Things like this are blessings in my crooked brain wiring, so I snagged that bama and brought it home, like a thousand other found objects around the Bird Tribe compound. The scroll-like quality of it automatically registered with me.
So of course I composed a gambleraku (that’s my form of haiku – three lines of seven syllables each, triple sevens, which I first wrote while in the void of Vegas a couple years back, thus gambleraku), which I scribbled out in my half-assed grafuscript.
Words scribble through my mind all the time, and I must admit I have trouble turning them into the types of things that the word industry can understand and sell to other people who enjoy consuming word products. But this is as natural as oxygen in/carbon dioxide out to me. I could do it all day long.
Except the roll of paper will run out at some point. But I figured it’s a good opportunity to share my work with whoever out there might want to have it shared with them. So until the roll is done, I’ll compose one-of-a-kind gamblerakus, for whoever wants to enable our Bird Tribe compound lifestyle.
And being I am into quality not quantity, I don’t really feel like making it real specific in the number sense. If you paypal me anything from $15 to $23, wherever you feel good in that scale, with the button on the right, I’ll mail you your own gambleraku graffiti scroll of pure raven. If you ain’t American lean high on that scale so the postman doesn’t unenable what you are enabling. But whatever feels right is gonna be right. If you choose to do so, when doing the paypals, check it as a gift too to keep their grubby intrusions more minimal. That’s basically it. If you can see this post, then the deal is still real.

the 17th rebirth of raven

this site will sort of exist again as daily pics from my homepix
not much in way of writing for robots as trying to right for real bods
though mostly just trying to not die, the dream feels dead mostly
nothing to do but do, fuck the world's eyeballs