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Saturday, September 23

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 13: KAISEI (8-5)

("Dohyo's edge" starring River Phoenix)

Brazil is known for 
jiu-jitsu, not sumo, but 
along come Kaisei 

previous basho, suffered 
demotion to juryo tier 

but big Brazilian 
got back to makuuchi 
in time for Aki 

day thirteen, he was looking 
to get his kachikoshi 

Ikioi got him 
turned the wrong way, stumbling, and 
it didn’t look good 

Kaisei recovered before 
falling, still at dohyo edge 

Ikioi charged in, 
elimination in mind… 
it didn’t look good 

somehow Kaisei recovered 
again, with slight sideways shift 

as Ikioi hit, 
Kaisei caught him by shoulder, 
carried momentum 

Kaisei’s recovery now 
complete, kachikoshi made 

no return down to 
juryo next month for Kaisei, 
position maintained 

low center of gravity - 
metaphysical level 

MVLL31N B33N MY M1R4CL3...

mullein been my miracle
ear; like myself, it loves old
railroad tracks and riverbanks

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 12: CHIYOSHOMA (5-7)

(the knockout)

Chiyoshoma and 
Nishikigi fell at same 
time in sumo bout 

looked pretty obvious that 
Chiyoshoma had won though 

but ref pointed the 
other way, causing side judge 
consultation thing 

strangely though, Chiyoshoma 
was not declared the winner 

instead, do-over 
was done, to break the untied tie 
(sumo is sketchy) 

Chiyoshoma wasted no 
second chance at victory 

Nishikigi got 
knocked the fuck out split second - 
long enough to fall 

[slow motion repeats of both 
men falling are transcendent] 


Dewey decimal clusters
scribbled like the cryptic codes
they are, in thin blood red ink

Friday, September 22

M0LT3N 34RTH C0R3 SH4P3D 1NT0...

molten Earth core shaped into
steel sticks to help transport rats
back and forth with urgency

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 11: ONOSHO (7-4)

(Onosho rag-dolled for third straight L)

Onosho - after 
eleven days - stood at door 
of strong arrival 

no one since Hakuho went 
kachikoshi first three times 

(a fellow sumo 
enthusiast informed me 
of this on twitter) 

Aki basho seemed like it 
could belong to Onosho 

but eight wins appeared 
more difficult a psychic 
hurdle than he thought 

losses day nine and ten left 
Onosho looking shaken 

Tochiozan was 
his opponent this day - what 
should be easy win 

but Onosho never got 
off the mark, smacked back, stifled 

no forward progress 
after his initial launch, 
young Onosho lost 

pushed out by Tochiozan 
into dohyo-side front row 

Onosho looked back, 
flustered melancholy look - 
psychic weight heavy 

“how to turn this energy 
back to something positive?” 

big boy momentum 
moves in metaphysical 
ways as well as “real” 

Onosho stood in that door, 
but was not ready to cross yet 


cinderblock club on Sunday
morning back road Maryland -
scattered trash and bouncer's chair

PR0P3R P4P3RW0RK 0NC3 W4S...

proper paperwork once was
required for pigs to listen;
now they seize it from the sky

Thursday, September 21

Wednesday, September 20

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 10: ISHIURA (2-8)

(Ishiura lookin' silly out here)

Ishiura, for 
the love of the forest gods, 
please eat your fish broth 

your miniscule missile launch 
style has become comedic 

other rikishi 
predict its arrival, so 
please eat your fish broth 

fill your chankonabe bowl 
up with seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths 

wrestling under shoot 
name, driving your McLaren - 
the novelty’s gone 

less than a year removed from 
your fighting spirit award 

something is missing - 
and perhaps added stones will 
help uncover it 

so Ishiura, please eat 
your chankonabe with gust 

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 9: CHIYOTAIRYU (7-2)

(slo-mo oh no Onosho)

western digital 
commentary on sumo 

adding to self-important 
canon through tanka is too 

my love for sumo 
need not this expression to 
be validated 

my love is perhaps fetish, 
tasting foreign big boy sport 

“I enjoy sumo” 
from sheltered confines trillion 
terabytes away 

an excuse to create gifs, 
practice weak poetic forms 

still though, I ask you 
to regard Yung Onosho, 
this basho’s upstart 

three makuuchi into 
his rapid (college boy) rise 

this basho appeared 
to be potentially his… 


(fifteen bouts broken 
into five-bout trimesters - 

(it takes stubborn solid three - 
connecting the trinity) 

Onosho did not 
look out day nine, and he got 
slapped back down to Earth 

Chiyotairyu palm thrust 
way into my heart (today) 

[full bout if you so desire]


marble markers for kids too
young to have gotten named in
abandoned cemetery


swimming through oxycodone
fog in the upstairs back room,
lights (real and metaphor) dimmed


the assorted hieroglyphs
accumulated upon
industrial canvasses

Tuesday, September 19

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 8: TAKEKAZE (2-6)

(the full bout, in gif)

old Takekaze 
cracks me up, losing in most 
spectacular ways 

TAKEKAZE; (retire first) 

old rikishi who 
lack credentials for elder 
status - what happens? 

I hope old Takekaze 
wanders abandoned forests 

I hope he talks with 
crows, and learns their mystery 
polymath language 

I hope he practices deep green 

wizardry, blessing the woods

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 7: TAKANOIWA (5-2)

(slow motion absorption of open handed slaps)

a glorious day 
seven slobberknocker with 
vicious slaps galore 

Takanoiwa absorbed 
attacking energies well 

resilient big 
boy in the true big boy sport - 
sumo, ya bitches 

after slapfest was over, 
Takanoiwa waited 

when Kagayaki 
fell forward with a feeble 
attack - game over 

Takanoiwa tossed my 
boy, then stood victorious 

(watch full video, 
and see him twist his face like 
“damn, motherfucker”) 

(still though, “damn, motherfucker” 
with those bonus envelopes) 

[full match below, had to google in Japanese again, 
internet gentrification creates western hegemony]


the sadness of enslaved corn,
forced into robotic rows,
spliced of all feral spirit

DR34MS 0F 0P3R4T1NG 4...

dreams of operating a
halal goat kebob food truck,
with homemade doogh recipe

Monday, September 18

M3CH4N1C4L R3S1ST4NC3...

mechanical resistance
to trends in consumption -
living that late model life

freestyle sonnet #096: MUNDANE LIFE OF BOREDOM

Quick cheap fast sonnet torn from stream of conscious since 
day is full of mundane (fool Monday) and this work 
I waste my hours (life) with... when I think causes wince 
as hopelessness winches death closer, little perk 

to step through bureaucratic labyrinth heavy 
with devils angling passive aggressions at all 
times. Fact of the matter is I'm shitty Chevy 
Monte Carlo Supersport with less punch than stall, 

sitting on three Daytons and a donut, riding 
with little confidence through realm of leased Benzes. 
I'm minimum payment in maxed out World, sliding 
down actual wealth chart, in shit-tinted lenses, 

being instructed to see myself as success, 
while suffering somewhat relentless mundane duress. 


second-hand fashion sense built
piece by piece from various
sources, learning to make do

Sunday, September 17

GVNS N' R0S3S P4T13NC3 L0VD...

Guns n' Roses' "Patience" loud
as fuck on Sunday morning,
gone from nowhere to nowhere

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 6: ICHINOJO (4-2)

(had too google using Japanese for this clip)

an underwhelming 
basho thus far, though perhaps 
life’s what underwhelms 

boredom and failure demons 
circling, awaiting doomed flesh 

“idle hands are the 
devil’s playground” - biblical 
quote I imagine 

not one for reading bibles, 
was raised firm sensualist 

work is meaningless, 
and home is obligated 
entirely to work 

both hours and money wasted 
chasing unattainable 

foreign digital 
distractions (sumo, football) 
do little to help 

A: what the fuck is the point? 
B: if no point, what to do? 

life is too much like 
this day six Ichinojo - 
Kagayaki bout 

life is like Ichinojo, 
clutching, in fact crushing you 

with relentless grip, 
it weighs against you; you think 
“how do I get free?” 

the weight doesn’t ease enough 
for obvious opening 

finally, you think 
in frustration, “fuck it, I’m 
gonna make my move” 

soon as you do, relentless 
unforgiving life throws you 

lying in a heap 
(yet again), you look up, and 
wonder what the fuck 

there is no answer, no point - 
it is endless (yet, you’re not)