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Monday, May 12

Football Metaphysics: World Cup 2014 book now available

The above is the ill ass cover to my new book called Football Metaphysics which is a preview of the upcoming World Cup. Rather than be some nerd ass number-oriented sports mark book though, it dabbles in the art of metaphysics, talking upon spirit warriors, and poetic souls of each of the 32 nations involved in this summer's tournament in Brazil, as well as highlighting important characters on the actual teams. Of course, it being metaphysics, I sat riverside and consulted with my ancient catfish oracle to deduce who stands top chances of winning thangs in Brazil as well. It's a good ass read, geared towards those who perhaps are not still believers in the kayfabe of western civilization, and perhaps inclined to burn shit down just to see what color the fire makes. Or not.
You can get your robot machine digital versions (Kindle, Sony reader, iPhone shit, all them robot shits) at
You can also get a physical, beautiful, inky print version with soft cover but hard ass beautiful insides at
FOOTBALL METAPHYSICS createspace page.
And of course both kindle and print versions are available at my Amazon page in the right sidebar (click on the cover), but I get more scrilla off the two above links than through Amazon. However, I know how shit is, you only buy from reputable (meaning what you recognize) places, so whatever. I'm just happy if you buy a copy.
This is the only information you'll need to prep you for the World Cup. And it's Workingman Books aka Raven Mack aka 1000 Feathers so when you read it, you know you'll be like wtf, but also laugh, but also learn, because it's that classic nonsense gibberish that says so much without saying anything. Or something.

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