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Monday, January 5

Monday Morning Feedback

So what's going on? Who is here? Why are you here? What the fuck do you think? Let it be known. Point me in direction, even if the abyss. I am going to attempt to be regular (although secretly irregular) about this bullshit for the time being. I am sure that motivation will dissipate, as I have little respect for the insides of the internets. But nonetheless, this will be a weekly post for you to say what you enjoy here, what you don't, or ignore completely, or not even be here and I won't know and nothing will happen and the world will spin and I'll sit around and that's all that will happen.
This week my brain appears to be on beer, and beer appears to be on my brain, to co-opt that old rap lyric. It is a new year and I'm an old dude, but not for-real old, just internets old. I don't think it ever really got better than Madden' 93 and Kool G. Rap's "Ill Street Blues". I buy dollar coffees at the gas station and hit it hard with the butternut flavor fake milks, and then I waste the money I saved on magazines about cars that feature shiny enough things to trap raccoons in tunnels. That is my lot in life, and it's a partially retarded, completely perverted lot, but it is my lot. Well, not really, but I've been renting this lot for a while now, so feel emotional attachment to it fairly strongly.


Anonymous said...

I'm all about the mags/zines step-offs into tangential stuff. Also if you've got any old-school CM stuff you should definitely share because it's easy content.

Just generally the tangential, less structured stuff is what I keep visiting the blog for

Raven Mack said...

well I would assume there'd be plenty of that as unstructured tangents is my strong suit

kami said...

well i'm all for beer as a general principal :) but the old school Con Mack is always good for this old heart... and right now, i'm finally understanding all the football talk!

Anonymous said...

Yeah also the dog thing is beautiful in the most sick way (was that a repost of some CM thing? I'm sure I've read something similar before which was equally amazing).

But I'm rubbish at explaining myself: I was trying to say that you're the internet equivalent of shooting shit with some really good, long-standing friend who has a sweet anecdote for everything, and when you break it down into Dave Meltzery ratings that gets thrown off-kilter a bit. It's still good (the analogy to Meltzer is really a bad one) but seems kinda restricting

Thomas said...

Yeah, I think for sure put up old CM stuff. Dr. Scientific maybe. Maybe the thing about Ric Flair as wrestling Jesus and how the real deal wrestling is gone.

Anonymous said...

I check your site at least every other day. For me, it's a really grand blend of good tunes, beer, everyday life stories, obsessive compulsiveness done in an artistic way, sports, old record reviews, etc. But not too much of any one thing in particular. And then every once in a while, there's a post like that one you just did about the Mummies which seems unexpected, but not out of place. You seem like a well-rounded, good dude to me.

I just sent your paragraph on clean-shaven, white, dreadlocked guys to my sister-in-law as we were just having a very similar conversation over the holidays. Truth be told, it was actually about white, dreadlocked guys in general, but since you don't have dreads anymore, I hope you won't take offense.

Finally, being from Chicago, I like the southern leanings of your stuff too. I mean, I'm not a self-loathing Yankee or anything, but I think you paint a pretty good picture of an approach to living that is important to you...and could probably do some others some good as well.

All that being said, you should really reconsider your stance on Walter Payton. And the Bears for that matter. They kind of sucked this year, but I'd imagine you'd root for a cornerback named Peanut Tillman early and often.

Raven Mack said...

thanks man, my retardation is well-rounded. I will never like Walter Payton. The Bears I don't mind, and actually I'd say Kyle Orton is fast becoming one of my favorite players. But fuck Walter Payton.

Anonymous said...

I think most of us come here for your meandering writing style. I prefer the sports stuff because I'm on the high council of sports nerds. Wrestling fans probably get huge boners when you write about that. What's nice is your writing's good enough that I like the entries about stuff I don't really care about and you're versatile enough that you probably hit a lot of people's prime obsessions.

I also like the 45's on 33 album a lot. You got a lot of your personality out on there and PSY/OPS crushed it too. It sounded like you were mad at him in your Whitey Ford post and that would be a shame. I'd definitely buy the next Solaris Earth Pipeline album, preferably a version I can look at and refuse to lend to people.