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Wednesday, January 25

freestyle sonnet #069: READING ABOUT MERTHYR UPRISING 1831

(more info on Merthyr Rising)

Tidal wave of corruption hits with sudden thrust,
on that In God We Trust dolla dolla self-just
-ification tip - the apple pie's upper crust

plus-one percenting themselves (yet again), feigning
Christian foundation same time hard times is raining
on all us... "You don't understand" white mansplaining

the situation. But check it out - Blood or Bread,
it's that fuckin' simple; build your temples to dead
presidents, live off inherited wealth, but red

flags will fly once your corrupt wave recedes. No man
is immune to re(sistant)action. Factions can
penetrate any nation-state, fracturing plan

of "master" minds, so be aware people conspire

to correct monumental thrusts with human fire.

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