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Wednesday, February 12


I guess some people actually still come to this site instead of just social media, so let me let you know that the first Sovthern Gothicc Fvtvrist Haiku Slam of 2020 happens later this month, in fact next week, at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville, VA. Like all haiku slams, all you need is 15-20 haiku and the desire to share to come sign up, and take a shot at winning the main haiku slam. There's also always a battle royal, for both those eliminated early as well as folks who just wanna give it a tiptoe tryout the first time, where all you need is a couple haiku maximum. We've got sponsorship from our friends at Market Street Wine, so we'll have cash prizes for the winners. And in the main event, it's gonna be 2019 Champion Hawktalon J Crowfighter vs. dirtgod raven mack. He beat me in the quarterfinals of the championship tournament, and I'm looking to get some revenge. Not really, mostly we're just looking to exorcise the demons of existing in this fucked up world. Come build community with your cousins in Sovthern Gothicc Fvtvrism.
I do keep a fairly updated schedule at my namesake website too though.

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