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Wednesday, January 27


This song is a classic. Nappy Roots might be better known for "Aw Naw" but this is the absolute seventeen star jam. Fuck that Greg Nice remix where he ad-libs all over the beginning. Just rock the old and simple "Good Day" with the kids singing, which my own kids know from their mom playing it in the minivan on the way to homeschool collective, where we did our best to not let the poisons of church and state get sown into their brains. In some ways, we were successful, and in others, we were not. It's impossible to be perfect in this world, so sometimes you gotta just settle for a good day. An underrated all time lyric is "last night, hit the pick three, bought some Air Force Ones." Shit, makes me want to go play 634 again, for old times sake.

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