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Friday, January 29


Saw Michelle Shocked perform years ago, and always loved her older stuff. At that show, my wife bought a pair of Michelle Shocked underwear from the merch table. Now that wife is my ex, not attracted to men, and Michelle Shocked is homophobic. Life sure is something, ain’t it?
Also strangely, there used to be a video for this, made back in the day, that existed on youtube. But then it was gone, and only available on Michelle Shocked's Vimeo page. But now that is gone as well. Which means in the past few months, Michelle Shocked has taken all the time necessary to scrub the internet of the official video of this song that was done back in 1989. She does have an official youtube page, with a "YouSteal" logo in her banner, and the few videos she's posted are about god being real and how you should respect artists and their creations. It's all kinda sad to be honest. I mean, I try to post songs that I actually play on my little physical device the most, as often as possible, and try to have a video to share too so you can see it and enjoy it, maybe support the artist too, or maybe not do shit because fuck it, the Earth's capitalist world-system is all fucked up and useless right now. But she's taken herself out of that equation. I can respect that, I guess, but she's also still online. So what the fuck?

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