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Tuesday, July 16

a few things I should point out in the off chance your eyeballs see this

Of note is there is our what seems to be now monthly HAND-TO-HAND HAIKU JAMBO at BON Performance Space/Coffeehouse/Drum Zone/Psychic Realm, this Thursday evening at 7:00 pm. I shall be hosting with the mosting as always, and sharing a New Writing story, which is my new-fangled oral story with heavy dose of digital reality interwoven. Winner of the jambo will receive one of my lovely railroad haiku spikes. I think there is a Facebook event page for the thing but I killed my Snitchbook, as should you.

I think I logged back into Twitter, but I'm not really talking on there. Too much fog and noise and pretending to rattle cans against bars when actually it's just car keys jangling on the way to the market. Comment here in these various posts. Perhaps we begin a discussion here. Perhaps you email me and I email you. Perhaps we send postcards, or share cryptic buzz blurring markings on freight trains together.

Life is good, motherfuckers, always remember that. No matter how much you click and refresh and the foggy mosquitoes of buzzzzzzz get around your head, remember you can go outside. If you are already outside and the foggy mosquitoes still ding and blip bloop at you from handheld devices, remember that those motherfuckers still come with a power button. Use it before it's too late. Eventually they won't even have a power button, that shit'll shoot straight into your mind, and dudes will be proud of that shit, and somebody will make a funny tumblr of white guys having shit shot straight into their mind. Don't pollute your mind. The human body is highly adaptable, and will always move towards survival, but there's been no definitive study done in my back yard laboratory as to how fast the mind can cleanse itself from over-pollution. And once you brain things, you can't necessarily unbrain them.

If you are local, I hope to see you Thursday. If you are global, I hope to see you some day.

- Raven

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