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Monday, July 29


Mimosa trees grow wild in our back yard, all over, and the ol' lady makes medicine from them. I pick the flowers for the medicine, and last year tuned into which flowers to pick by watching the bees buzz on them motherfuckers. This year, we've had a second late cycle of flowering that's brought tons of butterflies up on this bitch, fluttering around in the mimosa flowers. I took a film of it with our shitty digital camera and then put a Prolo song called "Long Haired Lounger" which is basically just Boogie Brown being Boogie Brown, screwed and chopped.
On my shitty commute to work, there's this old lady who lives at a crossroads and has a sign about how she sews shit if you pay her. I always see her out there spraying Round-Up on shit. Her ditch is a brown wasteland now as is the periphery around rock piles and other dumb shit where she doesn't want "weeds" to grow. It's disgusting, just outright killing off everything. The thing that trips me out about this is if companies are of the mindframe you can just kill off plants that are invasive or deemed as useless or not beneficial, or companies will just blow up a mountain to scrape out the coal, why the fuck are we so naive to think there are people systematically killing off poor motherfuckers? Why is one not to question that the Gates Foundation immunization of a bunch of broke motherfuckers in Third World countries might have less-benevolent goals than just keeping people from disease? I mean shit man, look around you, there's absolutely nothing to show you that man has some sort of high motive for all he does, to benefit man. There's zero proof of that so if you don't question all this shit, you're being naive. It's not paranoid to recognize there's tons of fucked-up shit going on.
And yet the way of the lounger is to not stress on it too badly. You can't change the world, only your life, and even that you can't completely change so much as arrange as best you can according to your own limited power. But you can effect change on your own life, without forcing your bullshit onto everybody else, and I hope you do. And as you gain power over your own life, and start to effect change around you, I hope you will unfuck the world however you can. It's been fucked enough already, so don't try to change it. Everything has already been changed two or three times over. Just try to unfuck it up a little bit.

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