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Thursday, November 4

SONG OF THE DAY: Afrique Victime

I didn’t love this last Mdou Moctar album as much as the other ones, but it still was better than most shit I accidentally listen to. I guess they’ve blown up more now, which is good for them, but also I’m glad I got to see them in the nasty ass basement of that club in Harrisonburg with a limited crowd. That was dope. Also the night before Ramadan began a few years back at the old Strange Matter/Twisters in Richmond. Good shit. I never really dance, because I’m a goofy dancer, and super self-conscious about it, but both times I got to bouncing up and down enough it was like dancing, and I appreciate music that somehow is able to get past all my conscious anxieties and shit like that and trick me into flopping around rhythmically lol.

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Anonymous said...

I feel you dude. I embrace the goofy sometimes. I'll dance like Charlie Brown and his Peanuts Gang. I don't mind being the fool. Was Charlie's real name Charles?