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Friday, November 26


them that’s born to dent guardrails 
make games of self-destruction - 
stubbornly prove survival 

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Anonymous said...

Told my husband last night, I've practiced around 10 hours total throughout my life driving empty back roads at night, moon or not, with my headlights off. Its pretty easy when the moon is big & bright, but downright risky sometimes. I figure, if I'm alone in the car, I'll only hurt myself in an effort to show stubborn survival. And practicing for escaping cops or abusive men, ya know, general chasers.
As a kid, I would often blindfold myself and practice navigating my house, including the stairs, as if I were blind. These days I just close my eyes and practice. Ya never know.
Last night I walked in country darkness amongst wood piles, machines, black walnut trees with big baseball nuts on the ground, and fully navigated without light, or twisting an ankle or banging a knee.
Thus far, I never dented a guardrail, but got too many people in my family who have.