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Friday, August 26

SONG OF THE DAY: Streets of New York

Kool G Rap is highly underrated as an MC, popping up in that transition from old school storyteller MCs to new school boom bap era cunning linguists, somehow being able to do that tongue twister repetitive linguistical sound that eventually got played out by the end of the ‘90s, but still keeping the storytelling aspect to it, which when you listen to how so many of the “lyrical miracle” rappers went straight linguistics and helped kill that style, it’s amazing how much of a storyteller Kool G Rap remained. If everybody had done it like that, the style might not’ve got burned out. But there’s always gonna be 20 people doing an exciting style competently but boringly for every person doing it with 100% skill and talent. Sadly, boring motherfuckers get streamed the most and sold the most records, but that’s always been the case.

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