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Tuesday, August 23

SONG OF THE DAY: El Gotero Orgulloso

Been doing a radio show locally called Slow Hand, playing old and new 45s at 33 speed, trying to spread the love of slowed music. You can stream the shows for two weeks afterwards (search for Slow Hand). It acts like I’m weekly but I’ve only been doing it every other week. I try to shine a light on the originators of slowed music too, both DJ Screw and Sonido Dueñez. Screw is fairly well known, having made 100 minute mixtapes in Houston of slowed down hip hop, with a large and expansive crew freestyling over instrumentals, through the bulk of the ‘90s. Dueñez is less known, but made cumbia rebajada mixtapes in Monterrey way back in the day, which created that whole rebajada genre. He’s enjoyed a bit of resurgence in the past few years, due to people finding out about Monterrey’s crazy various cumbia scenes, including rebajadas. I had read he was an air conditioner repairman in Houston at some point, living in obscurity, but the resurgence has him doing high profile DJ gigs now, and it’s so awesome to see an old dude thrive, just by loving the fuck out of music.

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